Pro Street Chevette!

Heres My Brothers Chevette first time out since new motor, trans. w/ trans. brake, wheelie bars, ignition box, paint and polish! Plus some more stuff. Looks and Runs Great!

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Pro Street Chevette!
Nice burn out, but no run! Had trans. fluid hose leaking. Only leaked under high rpm's/pressure. Bad place to find out its leaking!

Chevette wheelie Virginia street outlaw
Colonial beach 2014

79 Chevette Pro Street
Video 2 of the Pro Street vette im working on. 79 Chevette Pro Street 360 sbc, th 350 3k stall, narrowed 9'' w/4.11's, 4 link, 6 point cage.

Super Chevy reading,pa 2013 NOT your everyday Chevette
definatley NOT your everyday chevette true street class Super chevy reading ,pa.2013 427 small block 11 to 1 pump gas e85 afr heads 700 lift cam