1974 V8 Chevy Vega 450 hp

4 sale $8500

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James' and Billy's 1973 Chevy Vega
Summer 2009, 1973 Chevrolet Vega with a Small Block Chevy V8 400ci motor. This was what sparked our love for old cars. Ever since James and I had the Vega, we have been addicted to the feel of raw torque meeting the pavement in a constant battle to fine tune and apply our skills as high performance enthusiasts. We ended up having to part with the Vega at the end of that summer because of a very unfortunate chain of events but the sound of carbureted american v8s and screeching tires will still remains very present in our neighborhood as long as one of us is around. Something to notice in the video besides my crazy hair is that as some point while the car was running for the first time I blurted out "It sounds great" when in reality it sounded like crap. Hey it was the first project, what do you expect???

1974 chevy vega
Black Vega. supercharged ,was for sale in Florida.

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1975 Vega GT V8 Short Drive
Old motor and Exhaust system Watch in 720p @ 60fps!! No burnouts, no speeding, just heading over to a car show after meeting with a friend. 1975 Vega GT, 355 sbc backed by an M21 muncie and ford 9". 100% street car with race attitude. Camera is Replay 1080XD running at 720p @ 60fps