1992 Camaro RS 305 TBI 1/8th mile

My buddies stock 305 TBI 1992 Camaro RS goes 11.1 @ 64mph in the 1/8th mile at Skyview Drags. It's a good baseline for the future. After this winter, those numbers should be a wee bit different.

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Stock 3rd Gen Camaros (245hp TPI - 230hp TPI - 170hp TBI)
Most people don't know that "not all 3rd Gen models were created equal"... especially 5.0 Mustang guys, lol. They ranged in horsepower from 170hp on up to 245hp, from the economy version 170hp L03 TBI 5.0 to the hot version 230hp LB9 5.0 TPI manual 5-speed model with G92 option and the 245hp L98 5.7 TPI with G92 option. This is just to open a few eyes out there on the many different options and engines these cars had back in the late-'80s and early-'90s. For more on these cars check out V8ponycars.com and Mustang-Town.com Shot many years ago by John @ nedaCFilms

camaro 305 1/4 mile time.
here is my 1987 Camaro. with a 305 in it. ran it at the track first gear was excellent. second gear felt like a power glide transmission which by the way is a 700r4..... and third or fourth gear didnt engage so i let off the gas around 3/4s of the way down... still ran a 15.4...

1992 Camaro 305 tbi Borla & test pipe
Had a plugged cat, put on a test pipe... now the open plate in the Borla passenger side is too much. Need a cat back on! Sounds good but like a truck...

1992 305 tbi engine
This is the 305 tbi for sale with the 700r4 trans as well