1992 Camaro RS 305 TBI 1/8th mile

My buddies stock 305 TBI 1992 Camaro RS goes 11.1 @ 64mph in the 1/8th mile at Skyview Drags. It's a good baseline for the future. After this winter, those numbers should be a wee bit different.

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1992 RS CAMARO 305ci 1/4 DRAG
My stock Camaro 305 pulling a 15.9 1/4 mile very nice for a stock 305 R/T od .086 60'=2.1 15.9@85.50mph iam in the left lane in the dark green Camaro the red Camaro had a mild cam aftermarket carb and intake and a acel dis it also was a 305 but a 5speed he spun and i waled him by .023 sec

91 camaro rs drag race 305 tpi
me doing a test and tune run, 305 tpi with headers intake and flowmaster, my check engine light was on so i was in limp mode

1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS peelout and almost wrecks!
This Camaro is owned by a friend of mine, who you see driving it. He's had it for 17 years as of this vid being posted. It's all original, never been restored. Its the most beautiful stock Camaro of this style that you will ever see! Obviously the Exhaust is aftermarket, and he had bigger headers placed on it as well.

1992 Camaro 305 tbi Borla & test pipe
Had a plugged cat, put on a test pipe... now the open plate in the Borla passenger side is too much. Need a cat back on! Sounds good but like a truck...