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geo tracker, suzuki sidekick sas trail slayer 4dr crawling niagra rim.

Wheeling solo at niagra rim. video does no justice for the angle. It was really steep. You can see this how the rear end unloads.


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On the first nice weekend of the year we did almost thirty miles of offroad trail. LIKE! COMMENT! AND SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE!!

Jumping A Suzuki Sidekick
Sick jump on a suzuki Sidekick! Original video belongs to BiG SCoTTY 732

Geo Tracker Amigo and Ranger, Tank Trap Run
Geo Tracker Amigo and Ranger, Tank Trap Run. Going through it the back way the 1st video had a copyright issue, sorry about that WMG. This clip had been viewed 2,675 times before i have to remove it and fix the sound.

Suzuki Vitara Off Road On The Beach
Off road and Drift on the beach :)

OFF ROAD 4x4 Walcz Suzuki Vitara
20 październik Wałcz FORUM: http://vitara4x4.pl/Forum/phpBB3/index.php WWW: http://vitara4x4.pl/

Josh Woods climbing in Geo Tracker @ Clayton OK
Josh Woods climbing in Geo Tracker @ Clayton OK

Geo tracker startup and walk around after 1.8l swap
Startup and quick rev of my suzuki 1.8l swap

geo tracker offroad
mudding in nc with a geo tracker with 6 inch lift and 33 inch tires

Suzuki Sidekick Long off-road
Pierwsze jazdy nowym sprzętem Suzuki Sidekick Long 1.6 16V Automat. 18.12.2011

geo tracker -trailtough SAS

calmini SAS track-bar
track issues

Bronco jumping into mud pit a Hollister Hills. Too cool!
This is a guy ballz out hitting the mud pit at hollister hills. This was the coolest thing at the event for Mud in your eye frolic. Other wise the event was a dud. This guy was in it to win it.

suzuki sidekick offroad 4x4 pt. 1
going up... 1994 suzuki sidekick. 1.6L 6.5:1 sami tcase toy's w/5.29's locked 35" bfg km2's

geo tracker playing in the mud 2
cory playing in the mud hole down back

wheel bearing Geo tracker
http://toolsandtime.com today we have a 94 Geo tracker with a bad front wheel bearing, this process is similar on many makes and models. hope you enjoy

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1994 Geo Tracker : 16.000 @ 98.000
TommyD, Engine: 2.4 L Engine Swap, Supercharger: Turbonator Tires: Toyo Proxy 225/35/16

1997 Suzuki Sidekick js: 16.760 @ 80.100
Dave Penney,

1995 Geo Tracker Convertible: 17.144 @ 75.380
Kirby, Engine: 1.6 L (97 cid) 8V Suzuki 4 cyl., Tires: Cooper 165R15 & Hoosier 28x9.0x15 slicks

1995 Geo Tracker 4x4: 18.108 @ 72.350
Andy, Engine: 1.6,


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