185 MPH CBR 1000RR

Top Speed Attempt on a 2006 CBR 1000RR.

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Suzuki Hayabusa 245mph, 394km/h
Suzuki Hayabusa 245mph, 394km/h. Longer version. Max speedometer is 220mph/350km/h. Speedometer bottoms out and the revving continues.

Suzuki GSX-R (passing the cops at 170 MPH)

R1 vs CBR 1000RR - Friendly races | Wheelies | TOP SPEED
Testing a friend Yamaha R1 2005 against the Honda CBR 1000RR 2004 (Chek out his channel youtube.com/CBRTricolor) Performance Mods R1 2005: Tiforce race Exhausts Pipecross Air Filter -1 front sprocket CBR 1000RR 2004: Micron Exhaust K&N Air filter 190/55 rear tire +2 rear sprocket Camera: GOPRO 4 Silver

cbr turbo
cbr turbo