Coal Rollers

Here's a Diesel picture compilation i threw together for a few of my friends it's mainly of cummins for the most part some of these pictures i just got off the internet but alot of em are some local trucks around the talequah oklahoma area, and the northwest arkansas area, "NWA COAL ROLLERS", TALEQUAH COAL ROLLERS". THANKS FOR VIEWING PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT.

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Cummins Coal Rollers Cummins Coal Roller group was designed for Cummins truck owners & Cummins diesel enthusiasts, providing photos and story's about the mighty diesel engine used in your Dodge We have no legal rights to this song..

Carolina Coal Rollers Debut Video
Carolina Coal Rollers Debut Video, if you dont want to see all the trucks pulling in skip to 3:30:00 and watch the rest, you wont be disappointed!!! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!!!

The Badass Diesel Trucks of Insta || The Best Burnouts/Rolling Coal Compilation #21
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Dodge Cummins boat Launch
Launching my buddy's boat at Lake Isabella,California September 2009.