Group B - WRC RAC Rally 1983 RAC Rally footage from 1983. results 1st. S. Blomqvist - Audi Quattro A2 2nd. H. Mikkola - Audi Quattro A2 3rd. J. McRae - Opel Manta 400 4th. L. Lampi - Audi Quattro A2 5th. R. Brookes - Vauxhall Chevette HSR 6th. J. Buffum - Audi Quattro A2 7th. J. Kankkunen - Toyota Celica TC turbo 8th. K. Grundel - Volkswagen Golf GTI 9th. M. Sundström - Opel Ascona 200 10th. M. Jonsson - Opel Ascona 200

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WRC "Lombard RAC Rally" 1983 ("Group B")

RAC Rally 1976
Footage of the 1976 RAC Rally won by Roger Clark. No commentary.

1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo - Group B 1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo. featuring; Röhrl, Alen, Blomqvist, Vatanen, Toivonen, Ragnotti, Andruet, Saby 1st. Walter Rohrl - Lancia Rally 2nd. Markku Alen - Lancia Rally 3rd. Stig Blomqvist - Audi Quattro A1 4th. Hannu Mikkola - Audi Quattro A1 5th. Ari Vatanen - Opel Ascona 400 6th. Henri Toivonen - Opel Ascona 400 7th. Jean Ragnotti - R5 turbo 8th. Jean Claude Andruet - Lancia Rally 9th. Francis Serpaggi - Lancia Rally 10th. Salvador Servia - Opel Ascona 400 For the latest rally news, videos and retro rally visit:

Rally Group B Film - The WRC BOYS - THE LEGENDS - Walter Röhrl -THE TRIBUTE
THE GROUP B CARS - THE LEGENDS with Walter Röhrl in Audi Urquattro S1 This is a tribute to the rallying of the middle 80's, when Group B monsters dominated the championship. There were no serious restrictions for the cars and no limitations for developing, the tracks were extremely dangerous and the crowd were as close to the cars as possible. As the result of rapid evolution the cars became as powerful as F1 cars and it was too much for human abilities to keep them on the nasty roads on the limit. In 1986, after several horrible crashes, FIA banned Group B rallying forever.