Team Remington Cadillac

Team Remmington Cadillac, Speed World Challenge GT, Watkins Glen, June 8, 2008, CTS-V #8 driven by Andy Pilgrim, CTS-V #16 driven by Mike McCann (GM Racing/John Machaqueiro Photo).

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2008 Road America World Challenge TRC
Take a ride with Andy Pilgrim, of Team Remington Cadillac, for a few laps around Speed World Challenge race track Road America during the August 2008 World Challenge Race.

2005 CTS-V and new Z/28 at VIR
Sorry about the audio - it's unfortunately a recurring issue that the mic starts getting finicky if it doesn't have a brand new battery in it. Anyway... This is a few laps of the full course @ VIR during a track event run by Chin Motorsports in June 2014. This clip is from the last session on the first day of the event, when Chin does a "happy hour" (really 90min) that is open to all the run groups. The Z/28 was from the Blue run group, while I was in Red, so normally I would not have encountered him on track, but here we are. I didn't realize there was a Z/28 there - I thought maybe it was a ZL1 - but either way I was pushing pretty hard to catch it. I talked to the owner afterwards and the car was brand new ("100 miles plus whatever I've put on it so far today"), completely stock, and it was his first time at VIR (although he was a very experienced driver, with lots of time on tracks down south). The fact that it was his first time at VIR definitely tempered my enthusiasm about being able to catch him! :-p I was having problems with uneven brake pad deposits, so as I get the brakes really warmed up you can see some shaking in the heavy braking areas. It pretty much ruined a brand new set of $$$ rotors and pads, so I wasn't too happy about that.

2007 Cadillac CTS-V, GT Championship Race, Road America.
Visit for the largest collection of new car introductions. See excerpts from the GT Championship Race held at Road America Atlanta, September 29, 2006, and watch veteran racer Andy Pilgrim in a Cadillac CTS-V take the checkered flag.

Team Cadillac
This is from Miles Around 11/11/07 Dennis talks to team Cadillac