Corvair fuel pump.

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Corvair Rampside Rear Axel Bearing Packing Procedure
Em/Rampside/Van Rear wheel bearing grease packing.

1960-69 Corvair stock fuel pump blows! LOL!
Showing the hazard of the stock Corvair fuel pump, prone to leaking, valor locking, fuel can leak to the crank case, and it can even cause your car to drag a big torch!! LOL! Seriously, I highly recommend you ditch it and upgrade to electric! Keep them rolling, peace out!

Corvair Idler Bearing Install
Just make sure you push from the right spot!

How to Install Universal Electrical Fuel Pump
This video is about how to install a universal electric fuel pump. Airtex is committed to providing the most up-to-date, in-depth fuel pump replacement information that professional technicians need to diagnose, repair and install today's complex fuel delivery systems. Airtex is the only U.S. automotive aftermarket manufacturer that designs and builds electrical AND mechanical fuel delivery system components, including modular reservoir assemblies, electric fuel pumps, mechanical fuel pumps and in-tank sender and hanger assemblies, for a full range of car, truck, fleet and specialty vehicles.