KINGR1 supercharged Rotary Mazda r100

Pac performance r100 kingr1

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'KINGR1' - Blown 13B R100 singing on the dyno
She's done the show rounds and now we're keen to unleash the beast within KINGR1 and get this blown setup really humming. Rocky's currently creeping up on the tune and playing around with different pulley sizes to get the setup just right before he starts to really push it but she's already hovering around the 300rwhp with ease. We can't wait to jam some decent Boost into it!

Rotary at Jamboree QLD 2011
Rotary at Jamboree QLD 2011

Mazda 1300 Wagon Show Car Idle.Plates Are BRIDGY
Mazda 1300 Wagon Show Car,13B Bridgeport Idling,Sounds Crispy

kingr1 ts a mazda r100 with a supercharge 13b @ Jamboree 2011