350z vs. Mach 1

my friend recorded his friend in a Mach 1 with basic bolt ons against me in my stock 07 350z after the Coffee and Cars meet in houston. enjoy

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370z Vs Mach1
370z mods unknown Mach 1 K&N drop in Springs Some Exhaust Filmed in Mexico

350z vs. Mustang GT & Mach 1
Nissan 350z vs. Mustang GT gears, cold air, hurst shifter. After loss Mach 1 jumps in with a close first race.

Mach 1 having some fun with a R1 and 350z
Fun times with a Mach 1, R1, and 350z. The z has full bolt ons and Nitrous; the Mach has a 2.1L KB at 9ibs, full Exhaust, and a poorly geared viper 6 speed transmission.

04 Mach1 vs 08 Corvette 124 mph. just messing around!!
this was actually about 2 years ago i just found the video.. yea i only have about 310 HP and he had 440.. but i didnt do to bad aginst him...we werent really racing it was more like driving fast on the highway i was able to get up to about 124 mph u can see my speedo and he might have hit close to 135. This video was just for fun for all you ford hating ass holes that love talking shit. FYI my Stang outlasted his Vette, he had to sell it because of some problems he encountered, he has a BMW 335 now!!!!!! So quit with the stupid comments!!!!!