Nissan 1400 ITB, Charl

Acceleration videos, photo's, normally aspirated 1400cc

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A14 revving
Revving my Datsun once warmed up. Notice some standoff from the nearest barrel, also pops a bit at idle from that one.

Nissan 1400 with Weber 36DCD
Weber 36DCD on a Datsun 1400 14A (push rod engine) Found the perfect jet settings for this little motor,Would Just like to Share my findings Fuel efficient AND Performance with reliability from this here Weber 36DCD carb. Comment or leave ur email / skype / whatsapp below

Nissan 1400 side drafts
Normal aspirated 1400cc Nissan, A14 engine

Insane Nissan 1400 Turbo
The Insane Racing's Nissan 1400 turbo Dino run doing 480KW and 630NM on the wheels. This is Sick if you take in consideration that its still a 1600cc