Nissan 1400 ITB, Charl

Acceleration videos, photo's, normally aspirated 1400cc

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A14 revving
Revving my Datsun once warmed up. Notice some standoff from the nearest barrel, also pops a bit at idle from that one.

A15 Startup in my 1200 Coupe
Startup video of my 1200 coupe project car. Fresh A15, (standard size/spec pistons/rods/cam) rally grind cam, flows, lightened flywheel, 40mm dellortos, oval port head (ported, planed, double valves springs) running no Exhaust in this video. soon to be custom EFI / ITB & megasquirt.

Insane Nissan 1400 Turbo
The Insane Racing's Nissan 1400 turbo Dino run doing 480KW and 630NM on the wheels. This is Sick if you take in consideration that its still a 1600cc

Rotary vs ST
Fiesta ST and Nissan 1400 rotary going on highway