98 Accord V6 (0-60)

0-60 i/e

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Accord v6 0-120 MPH
Accord has intake and Exhaust

99 honda accord v6 intake and exhaust
V6 accord with Sri and aeon Exhaust

1998 Honda Accord Take Off! (10-70mph)(Magnaflow exhaust w/ AEM intake)
This is the new AEM cold air intake mod that I installed in my car. Taking off going on the highway. Let me know what you think. Btw it sounds better with headphones or speakers with bass/sub-woofer. It is an automatic 4 cylinder.

'98 Accord V6 Vs. 03 TL-P (not type S)
Me racing a friend,i have CAI/Headers,150lbs audio system in the trunk and shitty flowmasters axleback that only sound good. TL-P has CAI and full Magnalfow Exhaust. I have a lil bit above half a tank of gas and also have 229k on my motor while he has 103kmiles