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RC Thunderdrome

Montage of Clips - of the 1990 & 1992 R/C Thunderdromes. I received permission from Dan Moynihan & Gary McAllister to publish this bit of Radio Controlled history.(thanks guys) Gary Hamilton, Kent Clausen & Cliff Lett are featured in this blast-from-the-past. Many other big names of RC are in the results. This is where the Insane speed run got started. Velodrome racing is still happening at Encino - for more info go to southwesttour.com or rc-isc.com


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West Oz Quarter Scale Speedway Racing Promotion
Join Les and friends at West Oz Speedway in Henderson to get a taste of quarter scale remote control car racing

Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! - IFMAR 1/10th World championships A final leg 3 - From RC Racing
From RC Racing the worlds no1 RC TV show - www.rcracing.tv - The deciding race of the 2008 1/10th TV worlds from Bangkok Thailand - Race commentary by John Hindhaugh, with Nick Daman in th epits!

1/4 scale R/C racing at R/Car in Indianapolis, IN
1st part of the 1st heat race.

Insane Speed Run 1992
Montage of Clips - of the 1990 & 1992 R/C Thunderdromes. I received permission from Dan Moynihan & Gary McAllister to publish this bit of Radio Controlled history.(thanks guys) Gary Hamilton, Kent Clausen & Cliff Lett are featured in this blast-from-the-past. Many other big names of RC are in the results. This is where the Insane speed run got started. The Insane Speed Run is still happening at the Encino Velodrome for more info go to rc-isc.com --- then click events

RC Stockcar
first Roll-out 1/3 scaled RC Stockcar

Another look at the Worlds Fastest R/C Car 161.76mph
A Very Big Thanks to; All the People at Castle ------ for their great electronic equipment and support- Steve Neu ------ building a great motor- Josh Tyler & Lou ----- for all the help during testing !- All the people at RC4WD ----- for machining some great wheels !- Steve Rodgers @ Flight Power for great batteries & the help in he pits & retrieving the car- Nick Maslowski for loaning me key equipment- Greg H & Freeman T --- for the support- Rob Donelson --- Brainstormer- Matt Shumaker --- Brainstormer- John Trino Brainstormer- Shawn Palmer--- Brainstormer- Frank Amestoy--- Brainstormer- Josh Reese— Brainstormer- Brad Williams— Brainstormer- Bill Chaterlea --- Brainstormer- Robert Crysel Brainstormer-- & machining help- Ray Lathrop---- Brainstormer- Tony Lovering--- Brainstormer- Billy Weeks & Steve Earwood --- For having the event at such a great facility!- What a Rush! Nic Case

2WD A-Main 3~ 1991 IFMAR Offroad Worlds - RC10 Stealth Car
Third and final Leg of the 1991 Off Road World Championships.

Brooklyn RC Drag Racing
Large scale RC drag racing, 1/4 scale dragsters, funny cars and pro stocks. 5th scale FG Modelsport and HPI Baja's

200+ mph rc car
Fake or not? 200+ mph rc car

2010 ROAR Region 4 2WD MOD A Main
Paul Wynn with the TQ, But the battle was between Felix Law & Jeremy harris.

Custom Built R/C Trophy Truck - Project Mammuth - First successful test
We've finished our first successful test! We test at 30% throttle, the Exhaust is not good enough, but it runned about 2x15 minutes...

4WD Leg 1~ '91 IFMAR Off Road WORLD Champs Cliff Lett
This is the first Leg of the 1991 4WD 1/10 Offroad World Championships. Cliff Lett, Jack Johnson, and Masami Hirosaka were the fast 4WD guys at this race. Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan Vehicles: Yokomo Prototype, Kyosho Lazer, Schumacher Pro Cat

2009 RC 1/8th Gas Losi Series Race Two Pro A Main Held at Revelation Raceway
Pro A main 1/8th gas buggy action, including Adam Drake, Jeremy Kortz, Josh Wheeler and more!

Rc racing best of crash of radio controlled cars
Rc racing best of crash of radio controlled cars

RC Bullet solid runs - Nic Case - Fastest RC Car
Special thanks to my loyal sponsors Castle Creations CD Adapco Neu Motors BSR tires Futaba PowerEdge batteries RW Racing Gears Ford Protoform Thanks for the support of these 100+ People that contributed their time effort and ideas John Trino - Inspiration for RCB, Field Support ,Great addvice & Brainstormer Josh Riess -- Massive Field Support & Brainstormer Mak Miura -- Key Field Support John Foister -- John's BSR tires, precision machining & Brainstormer Larry Bradshaw -- Expert RCB machining Prashanth Shankara -- RCB CFD work Joe & all the Engineers At Castle Creations Dale Epp -- Protoform Aerodynamic support Matt Shumaker - Brainstormer Dale Beever - Aerodynamic support & Brainstormer Neil Stubbington - RW Racing Gears Evan Chapkis - Reliable PowerEdge battery support Stephen Ferguson, & Joel Davison - CD Adapco -- aerodynamic support Steve Neu - Neu Motors, For the great support & building the most powerful and reliable motor Scott Cramer ,Mark Willaims, Steve Kleiboeker - Futaba Bryan Blaser - Professional Photography Todd Commons - Wheel design inspiration Tony Lovering - Long view camera inspiration & Brainstormer Lou Maldonado - Field Support Danny Quinn - Field Support, Video of 134 run Brad Williams - Key mathamatical support & Brainstormer Richard Tompkins - Field Support & Brainstormer Freeman Thomas, Greg Hutting - Flexible Work envirornment & Brainstormers Rob Donelson - Frabrication support & Brainstormer Bill Chaterlea - Taught me about brushless and Lithium Polymer, suggested I go with a Neu motor and Castle esc. - Brainstormer- Dennis Flick - Brainstormer & Fabrication help Alan Messa -- Field support & Brainstormer Eugene Jung -- Fabrication support Robert Crysel - Brainstormer & machining training Jeff Nield -- Artistic support Ron Anderson -- Brainstormer Tyler Blake - Artistic support Butch Finkbeiner - Arizona Proving Grounds coordinator John Clinard - Contact with APG Masami Hirosaka - Moral support, Velodrome Parts support Yusuke Makino - promotions support Tyler Riess - Field Support Mike Eskenazi - Field Support Rich Slejmar - Field Support Randy Smith - Parts support and Field support Lucas oil - Location support Marc Davidson -- Brainstormer Joe Myers - promotions and field support Mits Yamahata - Professional Photography Corey Farrow & Darren - RF support— Brainstormer Kenetic composites - RCB cf Dan Fisher - Video of the 161 run Chris Smith -- Brainstormer Cliff Lett - Team Associated, Promotion support, Field support & Brainstormer Mike - RC4WD for machining some great alumium wheels for the 161 run Dave Kruse - Metal Rubber Corp tire vulcanizeation Frank Killam, Aaron Harpham - Additional aerodynamic support & Brainstormers Brent, Lorna, Tabitha & Donn - Associated support Brad & Josh -Associated Photography & field support Aaron,Tommy, Mark & Robert - Field Support Jill Anderson - Embroidery support Mark Dawson - Location support Nick Steel -- Brainstormer Shawn Palmer - Huge sponsorship direction and support -- Brainstormer Frank Amestoy - Finding the test location in Bakersfield & Brainstormer Nick Maslowski - For having a great website, Hooking me up with Popular Science Magazine & for loaning me key equipment for the 161mph run Curtis Husting - Team Associated machining, Field support & Brainstormer Mike Ogle - Vucanized tire insparation & Brainstormer Gary O'Connor , Dave Akers -- ISC Tim Smith -- for the unintended motovation Paul T Glessner - aerodynamic support and tutelage Tim Kane - Field Support Lito Reyes ,Greg Vogel, Jason Sams - Promotions support Gary Mc Allister - Body support Dan Moynihan - promotions support Scot Petitclerc - Camera addvice Gregory Mone ,Matt Higgins,Mike Velez, - Promotions support Steve Rodgers, Clint Akins - when they where with Flight Power Vassmar,Dayan,Hermes, TJ Kendall - for gearing revelations Richard Hutting -- Creative and Moral support Dave Cornell, John Schultz & Dave Inkel -- past parts support Ray Lathrop - Brainstormer-motor testing Billy Weeks & Steve Earwood - Rockingham Dragway Peter Vieira & Steve Pond -- for getting the WFRCCC going Gil Case (Dad) - Moral support & Brainstormer & Greg Copper - Brainstormer & turning me on to the WFRCCC Last and not least; Tracy Case - My beautiful, supportive & wonderful Wife "Records are made to be broken" Nic Case

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2009 Aston Martin DBS : 12.410 @ 117.710
NA, Engine: V12, Tires: Pirelli P Zero

1987 Volvo 740 GLE High compression turbo: 14.050 @ 97.600
Kenny Howard, Engine: 1995 b230f, Turbos: .42/.48 T3 Tires: 205-60-15's

1991 Rover Metro GTi: 14.050 @ 98.900
Colin Barlow, Engine: Rover K-Series 1.8 VVC, Tires: Yokohama A032R SS

1993 Rover Metro Modified 1.8 K series (non vvc): 15.611 @ 86.540
Steve Ellis, Engine: 1.8 k series,


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