Audi S4 and Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza Review

Audi S4 vs. Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Impreza

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVOlution X vs Audi S4 cz.1
Fragment odcinka Autonomii.

Illegal drag race: Mitsubishi Evo IX vs Audi S4 B8 450HP Supercharged
Illegal drag race between Mitsubishi Evolution IX and Audi S4 B8 V6 Supercharged. Audi S4: Compsport tune, Supercharger wheel, MG Exhaust, remap, ca.450HP. Evo: full HKS Exhaust, O2 housing, RS dump-valve, BMC panel air filter, big IC, ARP head and rods bolts, 378HP.

MONSTERS of Hillclimb - Bergmonster Audi S1 Lancia S4 Porsche 935 Mitsubishi EVO BMW Mercedes
Trailer of the NEW DVD "Bergmonsters 2012" or "Monsters of Hillclimb 2012" or "Beasts of hillclimb 2012". Just cars which are hard to control on hillclimb! More informations about the great DVD:

All Wheel Drive Showdown! (Evo vs. S4 vs. STi )
Newest video!!!!!!: racing starts at 2:15!!!!! 🌝 More racing action and more cars!!! Evo -280 cams -Full Exhaust -Front mount -Tuned to E85 S4 -TIAL 605 turbos -RS4 Inlet Pipes -RS4 Accordion Hose -RS4 Intercooler Subaru -FP Red -Full Exhaust -Injectors -Tuned to E85