1996 Ford Probe GT V6 3A Racing Muffler

Just put a Cheap 3A Racing Muffler (2" in 4" Out) on my probe and well i use to be able to Shoot flames from my Mazda MX3 GS same motor but it was 1.8 not 2.5 and i wanted to see if the probe would obviously not but put it on here for any one wanted to hear AZ Speacial

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Review of my 1996 Ford Probe GT
Bought: October 1st 2010 for $550...bad disty, body damage, bad timing belt and tensioner Traded: January 31st 2011 for a 1996 Mercury Mystique LS V6 Bought back: August 4th 2011 for $1,000...body damage fixed, new timing belt and tensioner, new disty Sold again: September 21st 2011 for $1,500

1994 Ford Probe GT for sale
$1,500 cash. I'm a private dealer who specializes in these cars, if you don't believe me look around my youtube channel. I'm willing to keep in contact with the car's new owner if they ever need any help with it, advice, or information.

Probe GT Variable Resonance Induction System Comparison
Probe GT Variable Resonance Induction System Comparison For Probe Talk Forum 1996 Probe GT VRIS Failure. VRIS #1 & #2 Solenoids are working properly and I'm getting power from the plugs but yet there seems to be something wrong when compared to other 2.5's and 1.8 'sYES I SAID VIRUS for VRIS o well who cares thats how i say it :)

INSANE straight pipe exhaust 1995 Ford Probe GT
My new Exhaust setup on my Teal Mist 1995 Ford Probe GT 5 speed. Exhaust system is completely stock until the axle-back, where i chopped off the muffler and replaced it with a 3" Exhaust pipe. SOUNDS SEXY AS HELL :)