Sligo Stages Rally 2011 SS2 Declan & Eoin Gallagher

Toyota Starlet Class 13 using a Sadev sequential gearbox. 3rd fastest 2WD on this stage.

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Donegal Harvest Rally 2012 SS7 Declan Gallagher & Ronan Murrin
Toyota Starlet RWD 2.0 16V Class 13 Result: 7th Overall, 1st 2WD & !st Class 13

MOG Racing Paddle Shift
Sadev Gearbox with Geartronics Paddle Shift technology, CNC parts and Caterham adaption by MOG Racing. You see on the left side under the digital display the blibber for down shifting. All clever parameters from Geartronics are setup by us.

Connacht Auto-Cross 4 april 2011
HD clips from the connacht motor clubs auto cross 2011. 4 april 2011. Saehan.

Top Crash Rallyes 2015
Toutes les sorties malheureuses et sans gravité, filmées par le Team3V de 2001 à mi 2015. Après des figures impressionnantes une bonne parties des voitures repartent, non sans mal.