Anthony Davidson huge crash 2012 Le Mans 24hr Toyota #8 with Ferrari #81 + Perazzini interview

Replay of Ant Davidsons crash with Perazzini Good news he is ok, well sort of, has 2 broken verbrates, Get Well soon bud

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1987 - Vallelunga - Yannick Dalmas's accident
Yannick Dalmas who had not taken full advantage of his pole position at the start was not unduly worried. For his cockpit he could see that Stefano Modena's car's handling was graudually disimproving, thus the young Frenchman carefully bided hi stime. Suddenly Modena came out of the quickest part of the circuit alone! In fact a rear suspension joint had broken sending Dalmas into the guardrail at nearly 150mph, speading panic amongst the pack following the leaders. Dalmas ended up in the middoe of the road with the car's monocoque as, such the force of the impact, that the engine, gearbox and wheels has all been torn off. Miraculously he was almost unhurt apart from bruised kness and left hospital in the next morning.

CRASH VIOLENT ANTHONY DAVIDSON 24h DU MANS 2012 ! Anthony Davidson and Pierguiseppe Perazzini were victims of a spectacular accident just a little before 8pm on the circuit of the Sarthe. Perrazini confirms that he did see Davidson in his mirror, but he did misjudge the distance because of the speed difference @Mattzel89 Both drivers are OK, even if Anthony Davidson suffers from a little back pain . Anthony Davidson et Pierguiseppe Perazzini ont été victimes d'un spectaculaire accident juste un peu avant 20h00 sur le circuit de la Sarthe. Le Britannique, au volant de sa Toyota TS030 n°8, tentait de dépasser le pilote de la Ferrari n°81, bien moins rapide, lorsque les deux voitures se sont touchées à haute vitesse. Les deux pilotes sont indemmes

2012 Le Mans 24hr | Anthony Davidson MASSIVE Airbourne Crash British Ex-Formula 1 star Anthony Davidson went airborne during this year's Le Mans 24 hour race, hitting a back-marker and flipping over, before sliding into the tyre barrier. Davidson suffered a broken back just 5 hours into the famous race.

Le Mans 2012 : CRASH Toyota/Ferrari - Anthony Davidson/Perazzini - Accident - 24 hours - 16-06-12
Join us on Facebook : --- Le Mans 2012 : CRASH Toyota/Ferrari - Anthony Davidson/Perazzini - Accident - 24 hours - 16-06-12 --- British driver Anthony Davidson survived a spectacular crash at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race on Saturday when his Toyota collided with a Ferrari, the clash sending his car airborne and out of the event. The incident happened in the fifth hour of the famed endurance race at Mulsanne Corner as Davidson's Toyota was clipped by the Ferrari of Piergiuseppe Perazzini. Davidson's vehicle left the race track, and turned on its side before smashing into the tyre barrier. The Ferrari also ended upside down as the safety car was summoned and the race stopped. When the race was halted, the Toyota of Nicolas Lapierre was leading last year's winner, the Audi of Benoit Treluyer. A spokesman for Toyota, who have returned to the race for the first time in 13 years, said that Davidson was not seriously hurt. "He is walking, he is talking and he has gone to hospital," he said. Both Davidson's Toyota and the Ferrari of Perazzini were so badly damaged that they were ruled out of the rest of the race. The 80th edition of the event had got under way on the dot of 1500 local time (1300GMT) with all bar two of the 56 car grid setting off without incident. Two cars, the Pescarolo of Emmanuel Collard and the Honda with Briton Jonny Kane at the wheel started from the grid slip road due to last-minute mechanical problems. The start flag was waved by Takeshi Uchiyamada, vice-president of Toyota, who are represented by two cars driven initially by Stephane Sarrazine, who set off from the second row, and Austrian Alex Wurz.