Top Gear - Season 19 Episode 1 (2013.01.27) Part 1 of 5

Synopsis: The long wait is over. The boys are back. And it's straight down to supercar business with Richard driving the £800,000 Pagani Huayra. James, rather appropriately, is in a Bentley Continental GT. Rather inappropriately, he takes it rallying. Meanwhile, Jeremy, the word's tallest motoring Journalist, tries to build the world's smallest car. Damian Lewis is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Top Gear T G Jeremy Clarkson Richard Nammond James May Stig actor actress pop star Family BBC One Two United Kingdom UK British Irish U.K. BBC1 BBC2 celebrity guests mixture chat comedy night comedian weekly chatfest abroad 45 minutes week band artis Series Season 19 Episode 01 s19 s se19 se e01 e e1 ep01 ep 19x1 19x01 1901 19.01 19.1 s19e01 s19e1 se19ep01 se19ep1 se19e01 s19ep01 s19ep1 Sunday TV Television Watch Full Episodes Online for FREE

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