Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street Outlaws WF no prep race.

No prep drag racing in Wichita Falls Texas.

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Daddy Dave Sonoma vs Mustang - OKC No Prep
Street Outlaws Star Big Daddy Dave in the Sonoma vs Nitrous Big Tire Mustang at the 2014 OKC No Prep event at Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. The Mustang takes the win. Full length event DVD now available at

The Sonoma dynoing at Midwest Street Cars
1/4mile simulation, 1 kit Dyno puls

The Crow vs The Green Monster CASH DAYS
Street Outlaws Big Chief puts the small tires on The Crow and brings to Cash Days. The Green Monster n2o Foxbody and Chief get paired up and the rest is seen on the video.

The FARM TRUCK! The ultimate sleeper truck Sean's farm truck from midweststreetcars / 405 is one of the a best sleepers out there, this beat up old farm truck really puts down the power with it's Nitrous assisted big block, running into the 10's at the track, and spanking cars on the street! Check out the wheelies it pulls off with some help from PIMP JUICE (his creation)