Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street Outlaws WF no prep race.

No prep drag racing in Wichita Falls Texas.

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Daddy Dave Sonoma vs Mustang - OKC No Prep
Street Outlaws Star Big Daddy Dave in the Sonoma vs Nitrous Big Tire Mustang at the 2014 OKC No Prep event at Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. The Mustang takes the win. Full length event DVD now available at

The Wild Bunch vs The Supercharged Outlaws
Old Main Event Video VHS

Street Outlaws The Sonoma Daddy Dave comes to Chicago and gets Beat by Chitown not Murder Nova
Well some tool from Detroit decided to leak some crappy version. Here is the real thing that they won't air!!! They only air the Wins they dont air it when they lose against other cities. Yup Chitown is the fastest in the nation!!! Now what OKC? You guys dont have anything that can compete!

The Sonoma dynoing at Midwest Street Cars
1/4mile simulation, 1 kit Dyno puls