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Chinese man creates own Lamborghini out of iron and an old van
Wang Jian from Jiangsu province, China, builds a Lamborghini Reventon for $10,000. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Men make their own Lamborghini Diablo: Subscribe here: Current affairs, amazing footage and incredible stories. Welcome to ODN - On Demand News. Formerly the ITN YouTube channel, ODN is your home for the top visual stories happening across the globe. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Google+: More stories from ODN: Body illusions you have to see to believe: IS video shows 'conversion' of Yazidis to Islam: Police crash into vehicle going the wrong way on M6: George Bush takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge: Islamic State to US: We will drown you in blood: Cat rescued after 53 days in a chimney: Baby in pushchair rolls off platform onto railway: Pope Francis poses for a selfie: Africa's last polar bear dies of a broken heart: Officer stops apparent suicide attempt: Flash flood smashes through hospital doors: US launches new surveillance satellite: Body of American tourist found in suitcase: Crashing car misses pedestrians by inches: Kurdish reporter confronts ISIS militants: RIP-Robin Williams makes US troops laugh: Stroller blown onto London tube tracks: See 2013's Most Watched Videos: Watch our videos with more a million views:

Farmer Builds DIY Lamborghini for Grandson - Best Grandpa Ever!
Grandpa builds his grandson a gift that would make anyone jealous. The 50-year-old farmer in China, who goes by the name “Old Guo” decided that he wanted to take his grandson to school each day in something a little more stable and fun – so he turned approximately $800 dollars in stainless steel and batteries into a working model of a Lamborghini sports car–complete with stylish scissor doors! The car is made of hand-cut and worked stainless steel, which gives it a little DeLorean kinship as well. It appears to use the wheels and drivetrains of two electric mopeds, and even features an electrically-operated rain canopy. The micro-Lambo has a range of about 37 miles from it's five internal batteries, and while it's not allowed on main public roads, it is allowed in parks and on neighborhood roads. The areas its allowed in must be large enough for Old Guo to do his business, since he built a special trailer for the car so he can use it for purposes other than ferrying the grandson with the coolest grandad in China back and forth to school. The replica has been modelled on a 2007 Lamborghini Reventon, of which only around 21 models were made worldwide and fetches around £1million. If anyone's considering getting into the grandfather business, I'd suggest using this Old Guo as a guide. Tags: Lamborghini Reventon, DIY Lamborghini Reventon, Lamborghini, DIY Lamborghini, DIY, DIY Cars, homemade car, homemade supercar, homemade Lamborghini, Chinese Lamborghini, Lambo, DIY Lambo, homemade Lambo, handmade Lambo, mini Lamborghini, mini car, best gifts, Electric Lambo, micro-Lambo, Chinese diy Lamborghini, China DIY Lamborghini,

10 strangest self made vehicles ever made
Description : Some people just can’t accept cars that are made by official car factories. So , they decide to build their own car so that it will be unique and satisfy all the needs of the creator. So today, I will show you 10 interesting self made cars. 10 Black Raven. Is self build car from Kazakhstan . This car is ideal for the Kazakhstan environment, where desert, mountain, and bricks are scattered all over the place. This car is very fast, powerful and reliable. This car has been build from absolute scratch by the guy from the city called Karaganda. It has 5 liters engine with 170 horsepower. With this power the car get up to 60 miles per hour on the desert or mountain roads. 9 Angkor 333. Is a selfmade car from Cambodia. Its the first fully electric car from Cambodia. The most interesting thing is that this car project wasn’t sponsored by the government, but rather one citizen, decided to build his own electric car. The mechanic that built this car dreams about building his own car factory where they will be building electric and gas cars. 8 Selfmade Batmobile car from Shanghai, China. Batman fans from all over the world dream about having Batmobile car because it just looks so cool . Plus , the car has so many features that regular cars don’t have. So a guy from China, decided to build his own Batmobile . He build the full replica, with all the features and his budget was less than 10 000 dollars. Of course the car doesn’t have all the guns and ammunition and doesn’t drive at the speed of 350 miles an hour , but it looks just like in the movie Batman. 7 Selfmade Formula 1 car. The real fire ball for the Formula 1 costs a lot of money. More than 1 million dollars. Officially there are no private owners of Formula 1 fire balls. However, a lot of people do replica cars of formula 1. One of such examples is the guy by the name Miso Kuzmanovich from Bosnia. He has spent 25 000 Euro in order to build Formula 1 car. He was able to build a beautiful car with 150 horsepower that can go up to 160 miles an hour. When he was driving through the streets of his town, he received a nikname as “Bosnian Shumahcker”. 6 Old Guo is a self-made car for 500$. Chinese farmer, have been obsessed with car engineering since he was little kid. He has been working as farmer all his life. When he reached 50 years old. He started to work on his project of building his own car. As a result, the car received his name Old Guo. Which has badges and resemblance as a mini version of the Lamborghini. This car is operated by the electric engine that can drive 40 miles on 1 charge. The cost of the car is 5000 yuan which equialent to 500 american dollars. 5 Bizon is a self made car from Ukraine. Alexander CHubilin, with the help of his son, build this car in 1 year. They have used parts from different cars as well as building their own car parts. This SUV looks pretty good and has 137 horsepower. It can go up to 90 miles an hour. The way they positioned the seats in the car is that 9 people can fit in the car. 4 Super Awesome Micro Project is the car made out of Lego pieces. Lego is such universal toy that you can build a working car out of it. At least, that what 2 enthusiasts were able to do. One from Australia, the other one from Romania. This car can go up to 13 miles an hour . They spend about 1000$ dollars to build this car and most of this money went on Lego parts. 3 Selfmade car run on water made by the students. Every year, Shell company makes races where cars than run on alternative fuels race among each other. In 2012, this race won the car that was build by a group of students from Birmingham, England. This car is made out of wood and paper with water engine that releases water steam instead of carbon oxide. 2 Selfmade RollsRoyce Phantom from Kazahstan. 24 year old Ruslan Mukanov build a replica of Rolls Royce Phantom. The original Rolls Royce you can buy for 500 000 dollars and Ruslan’s cars costs about 3000$. Visually, it looks alike the original . 1 Upside down Camaro. Most of the self made cars are made in order to build a better car than the cars that are offered by the car factories. American racer speedy cop, decided to do everything opposite so that it looks funny. This is what he was able to build, an upside down Camaro. He used Chevrolet Camaro of 1999 . He even was participating in the race in Europe on this car.

Chinese Farmer Builds his own Bionic Arms
A Chinese farmer who lost his hands in an accident turns misfortune into a family enterprise with home-made bionic arms that he now sells to other amputees. Full story: A Chinese farmer who lost both his hands in a freak accident has turned his misfortune into a family business by building his own pair of bionic arms. Sun Jifa, from China's northern Jilin province, lost both his hands when a fishing explosive went off prematurely in his home nine years ago. Unable to afford expensive prosthetic arms at local hospitals, Sun bought a low-grade pair which proved near-useless for routine farm work and caring for his wife and three daughters. Eager to get his hands back, Sun spent the next eight years crafting his own steel bionic pair from scratch with little direction but his own intuition. The results have changed his life. [Sun Jifa, Creator of Bionic Arms] "It transfers power from the natural movement of my elbow into the finger, allowing it to grab and hold. This is the left hand. For the other hand, rotating the two bones that I have left in this arm allows my right hand to open and close like this." Sun's hands made him a practical celebrity in his hometown and earned him national media attention. It wasn't long before other amputees began requesting pairs of their own. Fellow farmer Li Yanzhong, who lost his own left hand years ago, came to Sun after he found the prosthetic replacement he bought was of little use. [Li Yanzhong, Fellow Amputee and Customer] "Mr. Sun's artificial hand feels good to me. When I go home, it will help me a lot with operating work machinery. Normal prosthetic arms only have a superficial function when operating machinery. They don't have much strength. But this artificial hand will be very useful in using machines and doing other work." Sun said that he has already sold around one thousand steel limbs for about 3000 yuan ($490 USD) each, which he says is only a tenth the price of what most hospitals charge for higher-quality prosthetics. Sun's hands aren't just able to handle the complexities of his farm labour and shop work - they can also perform routine tasks ranging from picking up a spoon to lighting a cigarette. [Sun Jifa, Creator of Bionic Arms] "By using these hands, I can help the family with chores. I can do some farm work, I'm not useless. I really feel a weight has lifted. I feel I'm not a freeloader. I can be useful." Despite the big business, for Sun, now aged 53, perhaps the biggest benefit of his new hands is that they have brought back his confidence. For more news and videos visit ☛ ‪ Follow us on Twitter ☛ ‪ Add us on Facebook ☛ ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬