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Chuck Doyle starting the Beech 18.

Starting the Pratt & Whitney R985's on the twin beech.


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Starting a Pratt & Whitney 985 part 2 (preliminary start up with blow out plugs
Preliminary start up of a Pratt & Whitney R985 that has been sitting all winter. Blow out plugs used to help eliminate a hydraulic lock due to oil in the intake system. Aircraft is a 1941 Stearman.

Twin Beech Runs off Runway
A Twin Beech (Beechcraft 18) appears to blow the right tire on takeoff roll, then veers off of the runway into grass. There were no injuries and no damage to the plane. This was at Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville California on September 5, 2009 during the Mustang Days event.

Aero-TV: Matt Younkin - Upholding the Twin Beech Legacy (Part 1)
Matt Younkin Continues to Share the Impossible with Air Show Crowds Next week, nearly 1,600 air show professionals will gather at the International Council of Air Shows Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. To celebrate the 2009 ICAS Convention, Aero-TV is profiling some of the most extraordinary air show performers weve had the honor to meet over the last year. Matt Younkin is renown for having one of the most astonishing acts in one of the must unique aircraft on the aviation circuit, the Twin Beech 18. The breath-taking aerobatic routine was first perfected and performed by Younkins father, legendary air show performer Bobby Younkin, over 20 years ago. As Bobby Younkin said, An air show act must be unique and original to be successful. People come to air shows to see the impossible take place. Matt Younkins effort to continue that legacy has been nothing short of extraordinary; Younkin spent remarkable time and effort learning the Twin Beech 18 routine after his fathers untimely passing in 2005. The spectacular aerial performance, a mirror image of his fathers routine, continues to electrify crowds across the country, both aviation enthusiasts and aerobatics experts alike. In addition, Younkin now performs the worlds only night aerobatic display in the Beech 18; equipped with 17 spotlights and 13 strobes, the Twin Beech 18 lights up the sky with stunning intensity. Besides the Twin Beech, Younkin also performs several routines featuring both the 1929 Travel Air Mystery Ship and a Super Decathlon. Note: The Aero-News Network would like to extend our prayers and thoughts to Matt and Matts family. We are wishing you a speedy recovery, and we look forward to seeing you on the air show circuit in 2010! Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., All Rights Reserved. FMI: http://www.younkinair.com/, http://www.aero-tv.net, http://www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork, http://twitter.com/AeroNews

Douglas DC-3 Start-up in Stereo
DC-3 at the Helsinki-Malmi (EFHF) airport.

Beechcraft C-45F Expeditor Flight over NAS Oceana - Beech 18
Flying aboard Hal Ewing's beautiful C-45F Expeditor "CC-696" at the 2012 NAS Oceana Air Show. Based on the Beechcraft Model 18, the C-45 first flew in 1937 and flew with each military branch during WW2. Over 9,000 were built in over 32 variants. The C-45 served as a navigation and bomber/gunner trainer and post-war, as a corporate transport, among other things. Special thanks to Hal Ewing and Captain William Doty and to NAS Oceana Public Affairs Officer Kelley Stirling for making this flight possible. (C)2012 Dan Adams - Jolly Roger Photography All Rights Reserved. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel on YouTube and FOLLOW me on Twitter @jollyrogerphoto Visit WWW.AVIATIONPHOTOJOURNAL.COM for the BEST in aviation journalism.

Lockheed Electra 12a Junior
This movie shows a display of Pat Donovan's stunning Lockheed Electra 12a Jnr at the Classic Fighters 2005 airshow in Blenheim, New Zealand. This is one of the segments on our DVD 'Classic Fighters 2003' -- for more details see http://www.aviationfilm.com/shop/dvds/dvd03.shtml http://www.aviationfilm.com -- http://www.aviationfilm.com Copyright © 2003 Historical Aviation Film Unit This video material may not be reproduced in any form (except as an embedded video on any other website), without the written permission of the Historical Aviation Film Unit.

Vintage Air Force Beechcraft 18 Start, Taxi, and Take-off
This vintage royal canadian airforce beech 18 made a fuel stop at the morden regional airport (CJA3) on its way to oshkosh...it was a really interesting plane, and during the startup the second engine backfired after the first starting attempt!

Beech 18 starting
just listen at the end of the video

Northwest Flying Inc Beech-18
Northwest Flying Inc. Beech 18 C-KNKL based at Nestor Falls, Ontario Canada is being pushed back from its docks and fires up het engines and takes off from the nearby lake. (June 2009 - filmed by Andre van Loon). For the compleet article check out my website here: http://www.michaelprophet.com/News_articles/OntarioBushPlanetrail.html

Flying rolls with a Beech 18

Starting a Pratt & Whitney 985 Part 1 (Intro)
1941 Stearman with a 985 on it. Introduction to plane. 4 part start up for a pratt that has been sitting for a few weeks.

1943 Stearman Starting up and taxiing on September 4, 2009 at 7:15 PM N27WE

Beech 18 Low Pass
A Beech 18 makes a low pass at the Ranger AAA Fly-In.

Buffalo Air PBY-5A Canso
Buffalo Air, Ltd Consolidated PBY-5A Canso C-FPQM (cv-425) fires up both Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92S radial engines at Yellewknife (NWT) airport. (June 1998)

Twin Beech Takeoff
Take off roll and climbout in a RC45J or twin beech

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