Chuck Doyle starting the Beech 18.

Starting the Pratt & Whitney R985's on the twin beech.

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Twin Beech Super 18

Starting a Pratt & Whitney 985 Part 1 (Intro)
1941 Stearman with a 985 on it. Introduction to plane. 4 part start up for a pratt that has been sitting for a few weeks.

Beech 18 Flying
Fun Flying the Beech 18 at the Poplar Grove Airport (C77) in Northern Illinois.

Lockheed Electra 12a Junior
This movie shows a display of Pat Donovan's stunning Lockheed Electra 12a Jnr at the Classic Fighters 2005 airshow in Blenheim, New Zealand. This is one of the segments on our DVD 'Classic Fighters 2003' -- for more details see -- Copyright © 2003 Historical Aviation Film Unit This video material may not be reproduced in any form (except as an embedded video on any other website), without the written permission of the Historical Aviation Film Unit.