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Soundcheck ZXR400 25KW

The sound of my ZXR400


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[Докатились!] Тест драйв Kawasaki ZZR 400. Отличное и комфортное ведро.
Наша группа Вконтакте https://vk.com/stopdeadbody Я вконтакте https://vk.com/kusochek_vselennoi Оператор Александр Казаков https://vk.com/id722691 Воздушная съемка http://vk.com/id8613673

ZZR-400 мотосезон 2013-весна-март
Открытие мотосезона 2013 в марте

Kawasaki zzr 400-2 (Novosibirsk)

ZXR 400 Fast drive by
Me on my old zxr 400 in 2008. This bike was restricted to 25 kw.

The sound of my ZXR 400
Just a small video with my some of my favourite music ;)

Truckrun Westervoort 11-08-2012
Alle deelnemers bij de start gefilmd. Westervoort in beweging 2012.

ZXR with Triple H2 engine
H2 engine in ZXR 400 Frame

МотоВыебудни Часть 19/ Обзор Kawasaki ZZR 400
Сразу хочу исправиться когда говорю FR имею ввиду Suzuki RF Дышу в микрофон, т.к забыл убавить громкость на камере! http://vk.com/motoviebudni http://vk.com/pmgarage

Kawasaki ZX-6R 2000 (25kw)
25kw restriction

kawasaki er6n with 25kW
er6n, camera, petrovci, 25kw

Riding around some countryside .. To the coast. Pinched the pocket rocket to show you guys ;-) Great first big sporty bike ! Still have 2 vids of me enjoying the bike lol. I think the zxr is one of the best bikes for its style and era ! and the cbr is fantastic for its catagory !

Bartek Kawasaki zxr 400
kurz mal eine Runde gedreht, nachdem die Felgenränder drauf geklebt worden.

Yo ZXR400 MF-er A4
achtervolging ZXR400 door CBR600RR

KAWASAKI ZXR 400 REVIEW and startup
Today on bikers eoin and jinx 'eoin reviews the KAWASAKI ZXR 400.

Cameramount testing on Kawasaki ZXR 400
http://www.sportbikecam.eu camera mount Testing my cameramount driving High speed on some nice roads in the Netherlands!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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