Shootout in Mustang Town (2004 SVT Cobra vs 347 Stroked LX)

Watch the long version @ 2004 Supercharged SVT Cobra takes on a 347 Stroked & NOS sniffing Mustang LX. This is the shorter version of nedaCFilms' original "Shootout in Mustang-Town" (aka: Mustang Street Drags)... check out Mustang-Town on Facebook and or for more vintage and late-model Camaro-Mustang street battles, and chances to win cool stuff, enter your ride in the "virtual online car show" and keep up on Mustang-Town action.

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400hp Stroker Fox-Body vs SVT Cobra Mustang features a Fox-Body Mustang LX with a 342 Stroker, Canfield Heads, Custom Grind Cam and full bolt-ons, 4.10 gears, World Class T5... trying a wicked 2004 SVT Cobra Terminator Mustang with Pulley, Tune, Exhaust and other bolt-ons... Produced by John (Trae) King @ nedaCFilms with background music produced by Burn the Earth. Check out more music by these local "Mid-Atlantic, Metal Thrashing, Bone Crunching Rockers"... their Raw Grassroots style heavy tunes are available at

Mustangs leaving SVT Cobra Club ★ Parkway Ford Show 2015 (1 of 3)
14th Annual Carolina Regional SVT Cobra, Shelby, Boss, Mustang, and all Ford Show on August 22, 2015. Hosted by SVT Cobra Mustang Club (SCMC) and Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem, NC. For more info go Video is of various cars leaving the show area. Vid 1 of 3. Don't forget to check out my youtube channel ( to see Mustang videos! web = instagram = stangvids

2004 Mustang SVT Cobra Terminator Twin Turbo
2004 Mustang Cobra 5.1L TWIN turbo FULLY BUILT The car is tuned at 15lb of Boost on pump gas right now and Dynoed just under 800 hp at 15lbs of Boost by Lee Blankenship in Shelbyville KY. Car is now in Florida race gas tune coming soon and plans to beef up the IRS suspension first. Build list below a few parts left out - Chp 5.1 stroker kit 9.2 comp. ratio - Ported and polished heads, port matched - Crower stage 4 turbo cams/springs - 97-98 Cobra cast iron timing tensioners - GT500 oil pump - All arp main and head studs - Aluminum main girdle - Felpro MLS head gaskets - Balanced and blueprinted - HP performance twin 67mm turbo kit - All ceramic coated tubing - Brand new comp 67/65 triple ball bearing oil less 2.0 turbos with less than 400 miles - Dual Tial external waste gates - Sullivan upper and lower race intake - FORE triple pump return fuel system - Aeromotive Boost reference fuel regulator - Innovate Wide band 02 - Duel electric Exhaust cut outs - Bassani stainless full Exhaust - 85lb fomoco injectors - MSD launch control - Kenne Bell Boost a spark -SCT Livewire tuner, Diablo mass meter - 115mm mass air housing - Ford Gt blue valve covers - Ford racing coil covers - Upr K member, A arms and coilovers - Battery relocation to trunk - Viper spec built T56 transmission -Spec street/strip twin disc clutch - MGW shifter  - Autometer fuel pressure, Boost gauge - 10.5" rear wheels with NEW 315 nt05 tires....Front tires are new also.

2011 GT500 vs. 2003 SVT Cobra
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