106HP-223TQ - GMC Jimmy with Cummins Swap - English Racing

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English Racing - Jeff Bush 7.75 @ 180mph - Quickest AWD Auto DSM
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & KEEP UP *** https://www.facebook.com/EnglishRacing/ Over the weekend we attended a Test & Tune Drag Day at the Woodburn dragstrip in Woodburn, OR. Jeff bush re-set his previous record and crossed the beams at a blazing 7.75 - 180mph and still claiming the fastest AWD Automatic Mitsubishi! He's .5 away from breaking the World record of the fastest Mitsubishi DSM!

Mitsubishi Evolution X Final Edition - 493whp / 375tq - English Racing
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND KEEP UP *** https://www.facebook.com/EnglishRacing Mods: English Racing Package 2 - Everything one needs for 350-370whp Additional: ETS 6466 turbo ETS 4" Intake w/ 3.5" MAF Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc Injector Walbro 255 Fuel Pump English Racing's Boost Activated Cut Out

English Racing's Tech Talk - S01-E01- ACD Tuning
IT'S HERE!!! We're happy to launch what we hope to be the start of something great, useful, and fun. Our Tech Talk segment has been talked about for some time, but now we're able to bring words on paper to your screen in a visual matter. We're here for you; our viewers, supporters, and fans. While these segments will not be anything "formal", its more of a laid back conversation piece of us answering your questions, reviewing products, and informing the audience of certain services and tech related talks surrounding the automotive and racing world. Our debut episode features a service we offer in house, and it's something that gets asked for a more detailed explanation on what exactly is the procedure and effects of said service. That service is the tuning of the ACD (Active Center Differential) computer. You may click the link below for more details on the the service of our ACD Tuning and the removal directions with pictures included. https://englishracing.net/products/english-racing-evo-8-9-acd-tuning Please feel free to comment below, on the video, Facebook, etc. with any questions you might have and/or topics you would like us to cover. Thank you guys for all the support you give us and we look forward to the next episode of English Racing's Tech Talk. As always, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube and other social media channels!

547hp 69' Firebird - English Racing
Sorry for the bad audio quality on the Dyno Pull. Had a little malfunction with the camera Mic. Keep up and follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Racing/293052032533?fref=ts *****Mods List***** STOCK 5.3L - LQ4 Ls6 Camshaft - GM Performance Valve Springs Self Built Single turbo Kit - 10 psi - Pump Gas (Borg Warner S475 T-6 132AR) ETS Front Mount Intercooler