106HP-223TQ - GMC Jimmy with Cummins Swap - English Racing

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chevy cummins swap part 4: motor in, tranny crossmember done, etc
So I finally got the tranny crossmember done. Took me a while to figure out the best compromise of angles and clearance with the divorced np205. It kept pushing the old worn out tranny jack back down. The np205 probably weighs as much as my lanky ass, definitely going to have to take some ibuprofen for my back after lifting and carrying it multiple times. Anyway, I ended up clearancing part of the body above the T case, like C sectioning a frame. Next up under the truck is the T case crossmember, that will be a real piece of work. Wish I didn't have to toss out the crossmember I built in 2011, but oh well. The new design will allow me to remove the case a lot easier, the bolts will be loaded in shear, (no tendency to loosen and drop the case like the 70s dodge design) it will also have poly bushings, and clearance for at least a 4", maybe 5" Exhaust.

1988 GMC V3500 Cummins Tour and walk around.
Truck is nice and dirty. If you have any questions comment and I'll answer.

cummins cold start with flames commin out of pipes at 4 40 into video

cummins powered chevy
my 1985 chevy silverado powered cummins 12 valve ve pumped conversion done in three days have 40 000 kilometers on it so far so good