1969 Road Runner Quick Drift 2,926 Points (NFS Prostreet)

Muscle can do it all.

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Need For Speed ProStreet - How To Bulid A 9 Second Road Runner
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Let's Play Need For Speed Prostreet #3 - Let's Try My Road Runner
This is the next part to my let's play series for NFS Prostreet, and in video I try out my new car ,that costed nothing to buy, on the drag strip, Let's see how it does, and i buy myself some new rims. Please like, comment and subscribe.

All Cars From Fast And Furious 1,2,3 and 4 in Need For Speed Pro Street.wmv

NFS Pro Street - Dodge Charger Wheelie Tuning
These are Dodge Charger's wheelie settings. All Suspension settings are set to SOFT. Charger is a very good muscle car to do very good wheelies. Any muscle car can do very good wheelies, my favorites are: Dodge Charger Dodge Challenger Plymouth Hemi Cuda I have an audio problem when recording and i cannot fix it. Sorry for the desynced audio. I know that many people may have better tuning setups. This is my setup which may not be the best but you can use it if you want. You can use it to compare with other setups if you want. I'm not a Pro Street expert anyway :).