1969 Road Runner Quick Drift 2,926 Points (NFS Prostreet)

Muscle can do it all.

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All Cars From Fast And Furious 1,2,3 and 4 in Need For Speed Pro Street.wmv

Need For Speed ProStreet - How To Bulid A 9 Second Road Runner
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NFS Carbon Plymouth Roadrunner DRIFT by tzzsmk
feel free to rate/comment, also check my other videos I'm also making Underground 3 racing game, for more info see: http://underground3.wz.cz/ lappy specs: MSI Ge60 0nc, i7-3630QM, GT650M (GDDR5), 8GB ram; game settings: maxed at 1280x1024, video at stable 30fps

69 Plymouth Road Runner vs Corvette ZO6 Street Race
Here's a short video of my 69 Plymouth Road Runner taking on a Heads/Cam Corvette ZO6 at the local street digs. No burnouts, timing pulled back to 30* for pump gas and I was babying a newly installed FTI 4k torque converter. Full interior, full tank and a trunk full of junk (tools, 2 spares, air tank, track prep equipment, etc. etc.)