Forza 4 Drafting Nascar Stock Cars

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66k HP Dodge Charger Wheelie Car gets reactions and the 9sec EG is recognized by 'yo dog woe' who's seen the original video featuring it! I was shocked. Can we get 100 Likes? :D. Get my 'Unreleased v1.7' mod discs (Updated version with much more than this), go to my site

Forza 4 | Legends Racing NASCAR Special Event: Benchmark 119
After the real Daytona 500 last week, we thought we'd try our hand at NASCAR. Enjoy :) To explain the cars slowing down at stages of the video: we had a caution system in place whenever an incident happened just like the real thing. Some incidents you can see but some were called elsewhere on the circuit. Video recorded from a Legends Racing event:

Forza 4/Forza 3 Huge Stock Car Crash at Sedona
Insane crash on forza 3!!!!!! Im the #9 car. One car up front going 3-wide gets into another car causing a 6-7 car pile up!!! race replay took place on Feb.10.2011

NASCAR at Indy 20 Laps - Forza 4 (Oct 29)
Not as exciting with only 10 people.