how to resize, close and hone v8 conrods

A quick guide on how to recondition conrods,removing and replacing conrod bolts,using ARP 220000 psi rod bolts,closing and honing bigend tunnels to racing specs

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Connecting Rod Repair - Machining Connecting Rods
Call Us - 1-800-437-3609 Here's a video on connecting rod repair and how we can get your rods looking and working like new Before and after pictures included

Crankshaft Bearing Roll-in

Extreme Budget Engine Rebuild- Part 1
DIY Home mechanic rebuilding an engine on a budget. This part covers how to know if you need a rebuild, guaranteed minimum expenses you will have, teardown, and how to measure for wear on the bottom end to determine if parts can be reused or if new part replacement, or machine shop work will be required and what it will cost. Strategy is to develop a complete budget needed for the rebuild before investing any money in the project at all. Part 2 is here:

Brunidora de Bielas / Pulidora de Bielas / CON ROD HONING MACHINE
Brunidora de Bielas / Pulidora de Bielas / CON ROD HONING MACHINE - Modelo BB98 A Brunidora de Bielas Chinelatto brune com diamante os furos de bielas com qualidade, precisão e rapidez sem perda de tempo para centragem e medição de ferramenta. Web: email: Tel: +55 19 3446-4545