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triciclo elétrico

http;//www.eletricbike.com.br Este triciclo é elétrico com duas baterias de 105 amper, com pneus de 8", podendo chegar a uma velicidade de 0 até 40 km/hora, fréios a disco nas tres rodas Visite nosso site Fabricamos motores para triciclos e bicicletas elétricas, temos o sistema de pagamentos (pagsegurouol) para seu conforto consulte-nos. Rua Neves de Carvalho, 385 - Cep. 01132-010 - Bom Retiro - São Paulo Fone: ( 11 ) 3221.9686 - ( 11 ) 9433-7736 e-mail: eletricbike@eletricbike.com.br / jailton360@hotmail.com


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Triciclo eletrico
http://www.eletricbike.com.br Visite nosso site e veja nossos modelos e preços Este triciclo elétrico contem: Freios a disco nas três rodas ( dianteira e nas duas rodas trazeiras - Os freios podem ser no pé ou com manópla na mão - Duas baterias de 105 amper - Carregador para as baterias - Poltrona com braços articulados - Chave de proteção tém duas - Modulo de aceleração que vai de 0 a 50 km/hora. E-mail: eletricbike@gmail.com ou eletricbike@eletricbike.com.br Fone: (11) 3221-9686 Tratar com Jailton

HP Velotechnik Scorpion E-Trike mit Tretkurbelantrieb - Moni macht Probefahrt
Seit Januar 2011 hab ich da schon 10000 km draufgefahren. Das Fahrzeug ist führerschein- und versicherungsfrei. Es ist ein Lithium-Akku mit 20Ah eingebaut. Einmal aufladen dauert ca. 4 std. Meine höchste Reichweite ohne mittreten war 110 km. Ich habs aber auch schon mal geschafft, auf Waldwegen mit vielen Steigungen, den Akku nach 60 km leer zu machen. Wenn man as Hinterrad aufbockt und die Drossel raus macht treibt der Motor bis 70 km/h an. Auf gerader Strecke schafft er 35 - 45 km/h. Aktuell hab ichs auf 25 km/h gedrosselt, damit ichs ohne Nummernschild fahren darf. Motor hat ca. 250.- Euro gekostet. Das Steuergerät 70.- Euro. Aufgenommen hab ich mit Canon EOS 500D DSLR Kamera. Letztes Jahr hab ich auch schon mal ein Video aufgenommen. Hier ist der Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HwmQj0TB3U . Und hier ist nochmal ein Video auf dem man den Motor besser sehen kann: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3c5lDZnoaE . Viel Spass beim anschaun ;)

Outrider 422 Alpha Video Review - High Power Recumbent Electric Trike, Touring Setup
http://electricbikereview.com/outrider/422-alpha/ The 422 Alpha is Outrider's high end recumbent electric trike offering. It's ultra powerful with a 4,200 watt direct drive motor and 44 volt 48 amp hour Lithium-ion pack. There are three drive modes with the first offering just 750 watts and a 20mph top speed. The electric bike is 99 pounds and most of its components come from American companies, it's assembled in North Carolina.

recumbent urban tricycle
Urban tricycle prototype test drive Safety first and keep it cheap! Sturdy light construction, safe driver cage, full suspension, 3 cargo containers, plastic rain cover, easy electric hub motorisation, removable seat and battery pack - lock it on the street. Pedelec category - under bicycle legislation - no licence, tax nor insurance. In urban environment faster then a car. Leaning under development-not perfect yet.

Bicicleta quadriciclo
Bicicleta quadriciclo com rodas esportiva volante de carro freio a disco banco em couro.

Triciclo Elétrico 3RI90DC 1ª Etapa
Andamento do projeto do triciclo elétrico 3RI-90DC ainda em fase de construção. Nesta etapa ainda não consta as baterias, carenagens e acabamentos gerais.

Bicicleta Elétrica e Triciclo Elétrico BIKETRONIC - Energia Natural
Bicicletas e triciclos elétricos de alta potência e altíssima tecnologia

Control Arm Jig Assembly
http://www.jefflilly.com At Jeff Lilly Restorations we specialize in building Hot Rods and Auto Restoration of all makes and models. View our channel for more technique videos!

Hybrid Electric Trike 130 Miles Per Gallon ! Bicycle! Tricycle! Gas Bike
Hybrid trike I put together that gets 130 miles per gallon :) a) Is this real or is this just a fake as some of the commenters suggest? Real... I rode it for 2 years, and then sold it... http://www.boomerbents.com/ that is the guy I originally bought my trike from. I consulted with him, because he was very interested and with what I did, he tried to make production model as seen there, but near the final stages, the people in Taiwan didn't want to make it for him.... never got made, but you can see his had some nice advances past mine... b) What are its technical specs, e.g. range, etc apart from that it cost $3 500+ 24v motor. 2 12v batteries. 30 amp (15 amps per bank) charger. Honda Generator max output of 1000watts. Gen could hold a half gallon. I would ride it to work and back for 2 weeks, 4 miles each way before a fill up. I would charge (electrically) the trike at home, then run the charger when I left. It would idle, but as the batteries began to drain, the gen would rev higher and make more power... Eventually, it was using most of the charger / generator power.... If I ran out of gas, it would continue to go (since it has been using mostly gen / charger and I could get to a gas station and fill up again. c) Isn't the generator loud? No. It's a 4 stroke engine make by Honda. Often times, with just the wind blowing past my ears, I would reach back and touch it to make sure it was running because I couldn't hear it. Trike went 16 mph and when the gen was reving higher, you could hear it, but it was still not "loud".

Craziest Trike You'll Ever See - Street Legal!
This is an insane motorcycle trike hot rod. Custom built with 1200 HP, custom built suspension, the works. check it out! Motorcycle trike, custom motorcycle, chopper, hp trike video.

49cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Worksman 3 Wheel Adult Trike | Savannah eBikes
We call this one, SeB's "Lil Roadster". We took the USA made Worksman Trifecta Tricycle and a Honda Clone 49cc 4 Stroke Motor with the Grubee Belt Drive Jack Shaft and we manufactured a 100% bolt on Motor Mount and Drive Chain Guide to create a great...lil Roadster! This thing is fun to ride and grabs everyones attention. http://www.savannahebikes.com or http://www.savannahebikes.com/gas-powered-worksman-trike.html Enjoy!

Tim Cotterill " The Frogman", Rocket 2 Trike. Size Does Matter
Was driving on the PCH in Malibu, when I saw Tim on this beast getting ready for a cruise... He designed the whole thing. It's an all aluminum, hand built body. Suspension is all original designed out of steel. 1200hp, supercharged (obv). The front wheel is a custom machined 1 piece 2 tire wheel. Watch the skidmarks @ 1:22.....

Triciclo eletrico
Triciclo eletrico para deficientes e idosos, possui farol, marcha ré, setas, alerta e buzina. Movido com a energia de duas baterias de 60 amperes. Valor R$ 4.500,00

Triciclo eletrico
http://www.eletricbike.com.br Este triciclo tem modulo de aceleração P/até 300 amper - Roda 8" - Estrutura tubular - Cobertura superior - Poltrona com braço móvel - Motor 2,5 HP Garantia no motor de um ano - duas baterias de 105 amper cada com garantia de fabrica - Consulte nosso site - Fone: 55 11 32219686 Conheça outros psdutos em nosso site


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