10" Wide Racing Extreme Street Car Drag Racing 2009 Video

www.10wideracing.com Outlaw 10.5" street car drag racing at it's best !!! 10 Wide Drag Racing Videos sponsored a 7 & 8 second street car cruise night in September and over 30 of the fastest cars from the Midwest cruised to Gus's Drive In on a Friday night and then took their cars to the drag strip on Saturday to drag race down the quarter mile track at the legendary Great Lakes Dragaway. Wheel standing, bumper dragging racing, parachute popping action !!! Check out www.10wideracing.com

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10" Wide Racing Vol.2 Outlaw Street Car Drag Racing 2010
Available on DVD www.10wideracing.com Featuring wheel standing True Street Racing at Cordova Dragway and Cedar Falls Raceway. See why Milan is known as the place to race Friday nights as the heavy hitters of door slammer racing come out to play !!! Everything from 7 second street cars to blown Pro Mods make this a must have video for any drag racing fan.

WWW.TEXASTRUETEN5.COM FROM DALLAS RACEWAY AUGUST 8TH 2009 true 10.5 and drag radial street racing

Animals Hit By Cars - Animals On The Road Compilation (18+)
Please Subscribe, Like, and comment on my video! :) Thank You! These clips are meant for educational purposes only. When you drive by woods and forrests you have to look out for possible animals crossing the road! It's very common to see deers and rabbits trying to cross. These clips are violent and scary, and you might cry watching this, so watch at your OWN Risk! I recommend 18+ Drive safe everyone! And don't drive without stopping if you hit an animal on the road! It needs to die if it's suffering from pain!

10" Wide Racing Vol.1 Outlaw Street Car Drag Racing 2010
DVD available at www.10wideracing.com Featuring the 10" Wide Racing 8 Second Street Car Cruise to Gus's Drive-In and Match race the following day at Great Lakes Dragaway. Run what ya' brung and hope you brought enough. No points, no payouts, just bragging rights.