Drag Racing LA Invasion Pontiac Grand Prix vs Lemans AJ0F6724.MOV

Drag Racing LA Invasion Pontiac Grand Prix V6 supercharged vs Lemans convertible still images here http://photographynut.smugmug.com/

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Grand Prix GTP Drag Racing
I ran a best ¼ ET at 14.428 which is about 1 ½ seconds faster then the car ran stock. Not to bad for around $300 worth of parts.

Grand Prix GTP VS BMW M5 drag racing
This is my friend Jon in his BMW M5 just playing around. I get way to hard in the peddle in the first run. second run I calm down a little and take him. Click my chanal to find out what mods I have!!!!

1972 Pontiac Grand Prix drag racing in Woodburn, OR
This is a short video of me Drag Racing my 1972 Grand Prix. This was at Woodburn Drag Strip in Oregon. Recorded by my wife. The first race I broke out. The second race, I got beat. The 3rd race I can't tell and don't remember. For you inquisitive types, it is a bone stock 455 4bbl with a TH400 and a 3:07 12-bolt posi.