Drag Racing LA Invasion Pontiac Grand Prix vs Lemans AJ0F6724.MOV

Drag Racing LA Invasion Pontiac Grand Prix V6 supercharged vs Lemans convertible still images here http://photographynut.smugmug.com/

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Grand Prix GTP VS BMW M5 drag racing
This is my friend Jon in his BMW M5 just playing around. I get way to hard in the peddle in the first run. second run I calm down a little and take him. Click my chanal to find out what mods I have!!!!

Twin Engine Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Cormier Auto Repair (Napa Autopro) Trenton Ontario has been drag racing our low budget 1999 GTP for 3 years now. It has evolved from a 13.8 second 1/4 mile car to a 12.5 sec 1/4 mile car with engine building done by our staff. This year we wanted to do something radical so we have installed a twin rear engine and tranny! Rear engine has a 3.2" blower pulley, a ported blower, intake and heads, Comp Cams "VS" performance camshaft, AEM Methanol injection, new bearings and rings, timing chain and gears, #90 Valve springs and all new seals completely. ZZ Performance PCM and a Tranny shift kit. Front engine is all of this but runs a 3" Supercharger pulley and has an Intercooler. The front tranny is an HD new rebuild with a 2700RPM stall convertor. (Car ran 12.5 at 180KMPH in the quarter with just the front engine!)

Grand Prix GTP VS C6 Corvette Street Racing
This is Nick and I leaving work blowing off some stress. He has a 400 whp C6 Corvette vs my Grand Prix GTP about 300 whp. Mod for Vett are 160 tstat, cold air intake, headers, and Dyno tuned by Ty M