My 2010 Nissan 370Z 13.949 @ 101mph

This was my first time at the drag strip with my Nissan 370z, so I wasn't launching hard. Ran 13.949 @ 101mph. Disappointing...I know. Only modification was Invidia catback Exhaust. On OEM street tires. The car to my left was a Boosted older gen Camaro. He ran a 12.3 @ 113mph. Watch in 1080p!!

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Nismo 370Z AAM Resonated Short Tail INSTALLATION!
Help us reach 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Today I install the aam Competition Resonated Short Tail Exhaust on my 2016 Nismo 370Z!! Overall installation is very simple and straight forward. I do need to adjust the driver side tip and pull it up a bit since it hangs lower, or add more spacers to the passenger side. So far I am loving the new sound. Super beefy with a great tone. The resonators help tone down the drone and rasp that the standard short tails have. AAM Website: short-tail-Exhaust.html AAM Twin turbo Nismo 370Z Review: Resonated Short Tails Sound: Non-Resonated Short Tails: 2012 370Z Vs. Stock: 2012 370Z Queen of France: Music By: Joakim Karud Spring Light Great Days Follow us on Instagram..@BrosFOURRSpeed Like us on

370z vs Subaru WRX Drag Race
visit Nissan 370z vs Subaru WRX Drag Race

Nissan 370Z vs Mustang Mach 1
Stock Nissan 370Z vs Mustang Mach 1. Launch got messed up by the unexpected Pro-Tree light. Ran a 13.87 @ 100mph.

370z vs challenger SRT8
2009 Nissan 370z (nismo dual Exhaust, test pipes, 4.08 final drive) 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (auto)