Doctor David Delman's Electric DeLorean

these happenings were filmed and edited on November 15th 2009 thanks so much Dr. Delman for this experience. "Who Killed the Electric Car" Torrent here:

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Home made 144v 500amp motor controller.
This video is the first and second test drive of our homemade 144v 500 amp motor controller, tested at 72v.

DeLorean Turbo - exhaust note/engine sound
turbo DeLorean 235HP BAE/HKS turbo, custom stainless steel tuned Exhaust, tuning, suspension and interior

Fastest Electric DeLorean in the World
Here is some preliminary video of the Electric DeLorean being made by Dave and Tom of the Long Island - New York DeLorean Motor Club.

Electric DeLorean - BBC News report
The DeLorean - the car made famous as a time machine in the film Back to the Future - is making a return to car showrooms. But what was once a gas guzzling sports car is now getting a very modern makeover -- and what's more the project is being driven by a British businessman based in the states - As Howard Johnson now reports from Houston, Texas. Copyright: BBC News,Universal Pictures Reporter: Howard Johnson Producers: Howard Johnson & Jack Garland Cameraman: Jack Garland Editor: Jack Garland My website: Twitter: