The Hot Rod Lincoln Continental

Music by Commander Cody -Hot Rod Lincoln

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Lincoln TownCar .. Triple Black .. on 26s

2161 ATL 1988 Lincoln Town Car

First Look: 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept Unveiled in New York
Looks like Lincoln is spending their kick start funds from Ford wisely! Have a look at this first preview of the concept vehicle and what it defines for Lincoln's future in the luxury vehicle market. Also, check out my video on Ford's $5 billion kick start to Lincoln here: 1f5pLTab&index=1 Don't forget to please leave a like and comment below if you all would like to see more of these kinds of videos or ideas for other content you'd like to see! Also I'll be glad to discuss my opinions on the Lincoln brand with you all below! Images sourced from Bing image search. Take a look at The Lincoln Motor Company at Please subscribe! Click the link!

El Presidente Night 1962 Lincoln Continental SoCal Cruising Story
El Presidente is a black 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible from Unidos Car Club. When Eddie Flores plans to take it out for a cruise one evening with his buddy, Rich, they find themselves enjoying the sights of the beautiful weather and lovely ladies of Southern California. This is my very first movie... Hope you enjoy it!