funniest field set ever in Cricket

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6 aggressive fielding in world cricket
This was happened very few match in world cricket. 8 fielders in slip and gully. Watch the memorable moments in cricket. For view more video please visit -

Top insanely funniest moments caught on camera. Includes moments from various cricket matches.

Shane Warne cheating at cricket
Shane Warne in a crunch situation reverts to doing what convicts know how to do best - blatant cheating. Now it takes a pretty massive example of cheating to make the godfather of cheating Hansie Cronje look good, but Warne manages to pull of the miracle quite easily, such is his mastery of all things convict realted. We salute you of master convict WARNIE!

Cricket MIRACLE...not to be believed, Glenn McGrath hits a six, I am serious
The moment the cricket world ceased to exist, when Glenn McGrath hit the most amazing improbable six runs that one could never imagine. Surely that bat must have been illegal???