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93 Lightning w/ Magnaflow side exit exhaust

Magnaflow di/do x pipe muffler no cats, 2 1/2 in. piping from the shorties back.


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My truck (Spoolinfox91) Gen 1 Lightning
My truck (Spoolinfox91) Gen 1 Lightning

1995 F250, 460 w/ Magnaflow muffler & straight pipes
This is my 1995 F250 HD with a 460 BBF. I've got the quietest Magnaflow muffler installed which is heard during the first part of the video. I also have a 3" QTP Exhaust cutout butterfly valve installed before the muffler. Instead of dumping the open Exhaust though, I've routed the dumped Exhaust around the muffler and re-joined the Exhaust system directly behind the muffler. The video doesn't accurately portray the difference in volume level between the Magnaflow muffler and the Exhaust dumps. The Magnaflow makes my truck as quiet as a stock truck, while the QTP dumps make it as loud as any other straight piped truck.

Lightning I GEN kemando... Burnout stock 18" IIGen wheels, powerdyne supercharger
running a powerdyne Supercharger on 5 lbs of Boost with an Intercooler, not bad...

Lightning Lighting
Quick little video of my lights on my 94 Lightning. I have LEDs in everything, HID head and fog lights.

dagos 94 ford lightning rev
Side view of 1994 lightning

351 Windsor Maverick
First start of motor in a 351 Windsor Maverick after being built.

1993 Ford Lightning Full Bassani Exhaust with Removed Catalytic Converter's
Here's my 1993 Ford Lightning. It had a full Bassani Exhaust and I just had the Catalytic Converter's removed. It gained speed, and improved gas mileage. Now in the state of Massachusetts if your car is 1995 or under you don't need to take or pass an emissions test, just a safety inspection. Catalytic Converters removed by Kevin Couto. Parts didn't cost more than $25.00

93 ford lightning
mi troca chingona

1992 Ford Bronco Stock 351W Motor 3" exhaust Speed Density
Took this video as a comparison before I did my Lightning motor swap and Mass Air conversion.

1993 lightning burnout
team G-Force Quick burnout with the guys in phx az

madramper - First startup - 93 Lightning
First startup with the new motor. Black 93 #4693 - 7-2-93 Stock Bottom End 351w - 75k miles Custom Ed Curtis AFR 165s Trick Flow Stage 2 Cam Pro-E mass air Circle-D 2800 stall converter Punished E4OD My own 1 3/4" longtubes My own CAI Power adder: size 13 right foot! Some other junk

1995 Lightning
Vid of Lightning

45MPH - 90MPH in 1993 F150 Lightning
Heres a video of me being stupid and having fun. I punch it at 45 all the way to 90 and then the camera died. My 1993 Ford Lightning is stock besides the Exhaust, since I just bought it May 2008. More work to be done to. Song is made by a friend of mine Fabian Kempe under the alias "ENDAH"

My 1989 Ford Bronco
I KNOW THE MUDFLAPS ARE UGLY BUT THE REASON THEY ARE ON MY TRUCK IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE OF LAME ASS LAWS AND LAME ASS COPS AROUND HERE!! Newest video of my truck. Few new mods are aluminum panel on tailgate is gone and did the bodywork on the tailgate myself and painted it myself. Also added 7" HID fog lights. Still have the 351 Windsor with KN air intake, throttle body spacer, long tube nickel plated headers, dual 3" Exhaust. Also has new thornbird tires and just washed before this video. Enjoy! I KNOW THE MUDFLAPS ARE UGLY BUT THE REASON THEY ARE ON MY TRUCK IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE OF LAME ASS LAWS AND LAME ASS COPS AROUND HERE!!

93 Lightning side exit exhaust clip
Gen 2 style side exit custom catback. Ford Motorsport shorty headers, no cats, 2 1/2" piping throughout. 2 1/2 Magnaflow dual in/dual out muffler, 2 1/2" raw aluminum slant cut tailpipes.

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