New Custom '12 Ford Mustang

In the Team Hot Wheels "High Speed Wheels" line, we apparently get a New Model! In this video, I compare this new Custom '12 Ford Mustang model to the Custom '11 Camaro as well as to the Honda S2000. I also compare the Baja Truck to the Toyota Off-Road Truck. To round out the video, I show all four variations in the Team Hot Wheels "Driver Picks" line. '68 El Camino is a re-packaged 2011 HW Main Street Release but that version had a chrome engine. This version doesn't have chrome on the engine Volkswagon Type 181 was a 2011 faster Than Ever release with FTE2 copper colored wheels. This release has FTE2 wheels with silver wheels. Camaro Convertible Concept was another 2011 faster Than Ever Series car but last year's version was copper FTE2 while this one has silver FTE1 wheels. Finally, the Fish'd & Chip'd was a 2011 Heat Fleat with MC5 wheels. It is released exactly the same in these Team Hot Wheels "Driver Picks" packs EXCEPT that we are also finding original Open Hole 5 Spokes (FTE) wheels variations! I have been looking for weeks for this variation and I finally found ONE. It does seem to be a pretty short release.

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May 2012, New Team Hot Wheels releases (High Speed Wheels)
Diecasttvchannel in New Zealand got the new releases of the Team Hot Wheels "High Speed Wheels" about a week ago and now they land in the U.S. I found them at Target. But first. I show another Mystery Model purchase. These are found at Walmarts in the U.S. and they cost about the same as the single-carded Hot Wheels. I also show one of the known variations in the $1.29 Team Hot Wheels single-packs. You know, the ones with the regular basic cars packaged on special Team Hot Wheels "Driver Picks" cards. Almost all of those cars are common releases but there have been at least four variations found. In this video, I show you the no-chrome engine variation of the '68 El Camino. As for the Team Hot Wheels "High Speed Wheels" that I picked up, some of these I have shown in previous videos but since they were on sale at Target, I bought an extra. Models shown in this video are the Nissan 370Z, Torque Twister, Lotus Concept, Bad To The Blade, 4Ward Speed, Ballistik, '12 Ford Fiesta (Ken Block), Baja Truck, Custom '12 Ford Mustang and a Sneak Peak of an upcoming "Street Noz" motorcycle.

New Max D with SPIKES! Hot Wheels Monster Jam Truck also gets 3D face!
Subscribe to RaceGrooves Mattel's Hot Wheels Monster Jam truck updates their Max-D! Now he gets 3-D spikes and the face on the side pops out too! Do you think that Mattel will give Doomsday an update instead of just using the N.E.A. Police tooling? I showed other trucks from over the years which have design features with safety in mind. Dragon, El Toro Loco, and Jurassic Attack have horns which are a soft, flexible plastic. Masters of the Universe has plastic spikes on the side and hood. Mohawk Warrior has a soft, flexible mohawk. Of course, that makes sense because it's supposed to be hair LOL Wolverine has claws in front that are metal but are rather dull. I showed the first version too with small hubs, metal base. I showed Spike too but he doesn't have any spikes =) Monster Jam Playlist Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+

Unboxing: Loaf Of Bread
Here's the link to see it in action!

Batman 3-Packs (1-50 scale), 3 Different Box Sets
There are three different 3-piece box sets. Check them out! I found these at Toys R Us for $24.99 each. They are larger scal, 1:50, similar size to the Pixar Cars Ramone.