New Custom '12 Ford Mustang

In the Team Hot Wheels "High Speed Wheels" line, we apparently get a New Model! In this video, I compare this new Custom '12 Ford Mustang model to the Custom '11 Camaro as well as to the Honda S2000. I also compare the Baja Truck to the Toyota Off-Road Truck. To round out the video, I show all four variations in the Team Hot Wheels "Driver Picks" line. '68 El Camino is a re-packaged 2011 HW Main Street Release but that version had a chrome engine. This version doesn't have chrome on the engine Volkswagon Type 181 was a 2011 faster Than Ever release with FTE2 copper colored wheels. This release has FTE2 wheels with silver wheels. Camaro Convertible Concept was another 2011 faster Than Ever Series car but last year's version was copper FTE2 while this one has silver FTE1 wheels. Finally, the Fish'd & Chip'd was a 2011 Heat Fleat with MC5 wheels. It is released exactly the same in these Team Hot Wheels "Driver Picks" packs EXCEPT that we are also finding original Open Hole 5 Spokes (FTE) wheels variations! I have been looking for weeks for this variation and I finally found ONE. It does seem to be a pretty short release.

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Hot wheels drag racing #8 (mustang vs mazda)
This is episode #8 the 2013 Mustang vs the mazda furai. This is a shutout but not to worry, the finals are right around the corner! *if you enjoyed the video please leave a like rating below*

Carritos hotwheels
Animacion cuadro por cuadro de unos carritos de juguete

Hot Wheels HWTF 5-Pack USA Target Exclusive Hot Wheels Test Facility
Mattel continues their HWTF theme, Hot Wheels Test Facility, into the Fall 2013 toy season. There will be one gift pack that is in the regular world-wide 5-pack mix. In the USA, Target Stores are getting an exclusive 5-Pack. This same pack may appear elsewhere in the world and only be an exclusive in the USA to Target Stores. If you find a non-USA retailer, post a comment so world-wide collectors know where to shop. The models in this gift pack are the Bone Shaker (closed roof version), Bedlam, Chevy Camaro Concept, Super Tsunami, and Rapid Response. The related links at the end are as follows: Double Dare Snare from Team Hot Wheels 2012 Target Exclusive HWTF 5-Pack X-Games Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare preview at night X-Games Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare LIVE! BONUS VIDEO LINK! Indy 500 5-pack Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Race - '67 Ford Mustang vs Nissan 350Z - Hot Wheels Tokyo Drift
Finally I got a chance to put together the track again, this time the cars that I have chosen to race are the Nissan 350z and the Fast and Furious Series '67 Ford Mustang. This race will be a classic Tokyo Drift Battle. Yes, I have added curves to the track four curves for each lane. I have also installed Boosters, each racer gets too shots of Boost. For the finish line I have chosen to use a vintage 2-lane racetrack checkered flag, instead of using the electronic finish. ENJOY!!! 最後に、私は再びトラックを一緒に入れてする機会を持 って、この時私はレースを選択している車は日産350Zと イルド·スピードシリーズ'67フォードマスタングです。 このレースはクラシック東京ドリフトバトルになります 。はい、私は各レーンのためのトラック4つの曲線に曲 を追加しました。私はまた、ブースターをインストー して、それぞれのレーサーは、ブーストのあまりにシ ットを取得します。フィニッシュラインのために私の わりに電子仕上げを使用しての、ビンテージ2車線レー トラックのチェッカーフラッグを使用することを選択 ました。 エンジョイ! 마지막으로 내가 다시 트랙을 함께 넣어 수있는 기회를 가지고 , 이 시간 나는 경주를 선택한 자동차 는 닛산 350Z 와 맹렬한 기세 시리즈 67 포드 머스탱 이다. 이 경주 는 고전 도쿄 드리프트 전투 될 것입니다. 예, 각 레인 의 트랙 사 곡선 에 곡선을 추가했습니다. 나는 또한 부스터 를 설치 한 각 레이서 부스트 너무 샷 을 가져옵니다. 결승선 을 위해 내가 대신 전자 마무리 를 사용 , 빈티지 2 차선 경마장 체크 무늬 깃발 을 사용하는 선택했습니다. 즐길 ! Finalmente tuve la oportunidad de armar la pista de nuevo, esta vez los coches que he elegido para competir son los 350z Nissan y el Rápido y Furioso Series '67 Ford Mustang. Esta carrera será un clásico Tokyo Drift Battle . Sí, he añadido las curvas de la pista cuatro curvas para cada carril. También he instalado impulsores , cada corredor obtiene también tomas de impulso. Para la línea de meta he optado por utilizar un 2 carriles bandera a cuadros pista de carreras de la vendimia , en lugar de utilizar el acabado electrónico. DISFRUTAR !!! Finalmente eu tive a chance de montar a pista novamente, desta vez os carros que eu escolhi para correr são a Nissan 350z ea série Velozes e Furiosos '67 Ford Mustang. Esta corrida vai ser um clássico Tokyo Drift Battle . Sim, eu adicionei curvas a faixa quatro curvas para cada pista . Eu também tenho instalado Boosters , cada piloto recebe também doses de reforço. Para a linha de chegada eu escolhi para usar um 2 -lane bandeira quadriculada pista vintage, em vez de usar o acabamento eletrônico. APRECIA !!! Attention Youtube: Music used in this video is royalty free Music by Kevin Macleod - Cartoon Battle Cartoon Battle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at