RX-8 Acceleration 231HP 220km/h Wroclaw ring 1st Nov. 2011

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mazda rx 8 stock acceleration 0-100 in 6 sec.
fastest stock rx 8 0-200 30 sec.?

ある雑誌のオーバルコース企画に同行した際、好意で自 車でもアタックさせてもらいました。 知る限りRX-8の最高速ではないかと思います。NAのRX-8で 280km/hを出せると知ることができて嬉しいです。 --- When the oval course plan of a certain magazine was accompanied, I was allowed to attack also by a self-vehicle with good intentions. I think that it is the maximum high speed of RX-8 as far as it gets to know. I am glad to know that 280 km/h can be taken out also with RX-8 of NA. --- MAZDA RX-8 Driver Eightlien ( JPN ) **SPEC** Power About 250~270ps(hp) Torque About 22kg Weight About 1250kg Engine 13B-MSP SIDE PORT TUNEDE by RE-AMEMIYA(Nonturbo NA)

Mazda RX8 car review - Top Gear - BBC autos
The Top Gear team put the Mazda RX8 through its paces! Watch the official full video in high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit http://www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews.

Mazda RX8 Epic Sound Compilation
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