5.3 cam vs 4.8 cam

Silverado 5.3 cam only vs Silverado 4.8 cam and LTs run in Mexico

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Fastest 4.8L
Glock running an 11.0@125mph with 4.8L, 220 cam and springs, stock heads, with heavy ass 4l80e tranny.

Roberts 4.8 VS Davids 5.7
Roberts 4.8 with Eber Tune and Intake VS Davids 5.7 With Tune and Intake

4.8 silverado vs 5.3 silverado
4.8 fbo cam Other truck 5.3 fbo cam SUBSCRIBE!!

5.3 Silverado vs 4.8 Sierra
Silverado racing against a 4.8 Sierra of a 30 Roll. Silverado - big ass intake, Predator Progammer. Sierra - Just Intake