5.3 cam vs 4.8 cam

Silverado 5.3 cam only vs Silverado 4.8 cam and LTs run in Mexico

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Tahoe vs Silverado
Tahoe 5.3 LTs and spray vs Silverado 4.8 cam and LTs in Mexico

Jake99 Turbo 4.8 vs 03 Silverado w/turbo 5.3
Racing in Mexico 4.8 was on E85 and 12#s and the 5.3 was on 91oct w/watermeth and 10#s both 2 people in the cabs and both on 20" wheels

Silverado 4.8 baby cam
2005 4.8 silverado with a 206/212 114. Higher lift (551/561) than the low lift 206/212. Tuned the idle down to around 525rpm to get any lope out of it, and around 675 you cant tell its there. Exactly what I was looking for, nice seat of the pants gain NA but will really shine with about 10lbs of Boost!

2000 silverado 5.3 z06/LS6 cam sweet video
A video of a 2000 Silverado. Good video. Please comment