Turbo Murray Lawnmower

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5 HP Lawnmower VS 8 Cyclinder Turbocharged Pickup Truck
Watch how a single cylinder Farm Mower owned a V8 turbo-charged Mitsubishi Pic-up truck

Grandpa flips out when cutting his grass turns out to be more work than it's worth..

Jet Lawnmower - Fireworks Steve
http://www.twitter.com/scottbouch | http://www.scottbouch.com This is one of Firework Steve's ebay purchases - Home made Gas Turbine, installed under the seat of a sit-on Lawnmower! Mad nutter..... We'[ve had fun lighting it up a few times!

Custom Lawn Mower muffler
I was bored and decided to remove the muffler from the broken down scooter and install it on my working lawn mower just for the hell of it.. In this video you will see me installing the scooter muffler on the lawn mower. ***Update*** I dont have the lawn mower any more ***Update***