Bad bish Buschur Racing auto EVO

Columbus racing track rental.

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Buschur Racing BAD BISH w/ Clutchless 4 Speed Trans
Only the second time ever out with the new Buschur Racing Clutchless 4 speed transmission in the Buschur Racing "BAD BISH".

Buschur Racing Bad Bish... back to the track!
After clicking off a 9.11 @ 154 at a track day the car came back to the shop and a couple things were swapped. We took it back out on October 13, 2008 for some more fun. This video shows the days events. I hope you enjoy the video. WWW.BUSCHURRACING.COM

Reese Tuning's Evo 8 RS (aka Christina) Dyno Run
CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR FULL DESCRIPTION! Allow me to introduce to you THE baddest Mitsubishi Evolution 8 in the West..... Christina.... Still equipped with the full factory interior and even a functional radio... This little 4 cylinder car just pumped out a dericious 772 AWHP and 701 Ft Lbs on the Mustang Dyno (that's about 850awhp for you DynoJet/DynaPak guys).... Congrats James Reese.... she is truly a bad bish :) Mod List: BR 2.3RPM RT Stage 3 Head RT 276 KK Cams SparkTech Ignition CDI Stock ECU AEM 5 Bar Mil.Spec 65mm Throttle Body BR Intake Manifold HTA86 Frontward Facing turbo FIC 2150cc Injectors Filmed and Edited by: Alain Alba Canon 7D w/Tamron 10-24mm Ultra Wide Lens

DSM Legend David Buschur's / Buschur Racing Mitsubishi EVO 8
David Buschur / Buschur Racing is a name that is synonymous with the DSM/4G63 community. With the goal of maintaining street driveability and comfort with single digit capabilities, this bad bish was born. Buschur takes us for a ride around the back roads of Ohio during our visit. Originally featured in DSPORT DVD #16 Check out the DSPORT Feature Car playlist... All your favorite DSPORT content now in one place...