1997 Hill climb at the old Mt Cotton

again sorry for the quality of the video they do get better when i upgraded to a new camera. this is later in 1997 and the following cars appear P76 V8 X 2 John Joyce V8 supercar X 2 Kevin Heffernen Datsun 1600 turbo Formula Libre Peter Gumley " 5000 Dean Tighe Celica AWD Ford Sierra turbo V8 Commadore Troana XU-1 ex Mark Skaife's Porsche 911 Datsun 260Z Mini Sports Sedan (broken) Corolla Ford Anglia 105E Mini with Suzuki power Don Vidler Mini Old Ford Anglia with Nissan running gear

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2001 Mt Cotton QLD hillclimb championship Pt 1
starring the following cars, Formula Libre Bill Norris M/Cycle engine " " Peter Gumley S/C VW " " John Boyce VW " " Eric Barnes Farrell " " Mark " " Cosworth Formula 5000 Ford Anglia 105e Sports Sedan Mini Sports Sedan Suzuki Don Vidler Holden Commadore Sports Sedan Holden Gemini Sports Sedan Holden Torana XU-1 Sports Sedan and in the pits an MG T.C.

Tighecams judd f1
new hillclimb car

2012 Manx Classic Hill Climb (pt1) - Isle of Man 28th April 2012

Twin Turbo subaru powered VW crash at Mt Cotton Hillclimb 20.72013
VW having some fun in the grass at Mt Cotton Hill climb RND 2 point scoring 20.7.2013