GM Corvette TPI L98 Step by Step Injector Swap Video Guide (10 min. video) Better Quality

2 Hour job step by step instructions edited in a 10 minute video.- Special Thanks to Jon Banner at Hi to everyone at !!!!! To meet the 10 min youtube limit the video is slightly sped up.- Thanks,i hope its useful.-

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Some simple tips and tricks to working on the Corvette L98
It's an 80's transition car. They had some crazy ideas and maybe some lazy tendencies in the automotive world back then. Here are a couple small things you can do to improve the ease of working on the Corvette L98 engine and just maybe...add a little performance and reliability.

How to Select & Install Fuel Injectors (Bosch III - 24lbs) for a Corvette C4
In this video I discuss fuel injector options when replacing the stock Multitec injectors the Corvette C4 came with. There are three potential options to replacing the injectors. New, refurbish/rebuild old, rebuilt new. The Fuel Injector Connection ( ) was the most cost effective solution in my case and ordered rebuilt Bosch III's as they were reasonably priced, an upgrade from the originals and warrantied. Since I selected the Bosch III's, I show you the proper way to install them and the things to consider when installing. For more videos like this visit my channel or website at

TPI Porting Secrets. Runners. High Flow Fuel Injection. Ported L98.
This video shows a simple porting procedure done to stock TPI runners that will allow for a smoother transition of airflow from the plenum to the runners and into the base manifold. Tools used are: Carbide open flute non ferrous bit, for use with aluminum. 2" long x 1/2" diameter 80 grit cartridge rolls on a short 2-3" mandrel. High speed die grinder and air supply.

How to replace third gen Camaro injectors on L98
In this video I install injectors in my 1989 Camaro Iroc with the L98 engine. I upgraded to 22LB from stock. This video will show you a step by step detailed video of how to install injectors in a third gen Camaro or firebird. Here is the OEM injectors: Here are performance injectors: Get the magnet HERE: Check out every product that I review or I recommend in my videos here on amazon: