2002 VTX1800r w/ Jardines, Hypercharger, pair valve mod, and Cali smog removal.

My 2002 VTX 1800R w/ Jardine Long straights. There are no baffles in the pipes. I've done the Pair valve/desmog mod., It has a pcIII, and has the CA emissions removed. Also installed is the Kuryakyn HyperCharger Pro.Nice and loud.

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VTX 1800 Pair-valve Exhaust Comparison
Blocking off the pair-valve intake port to show the difference in Exhaust tones.

2003 VTX1800C with Riley Mod Exhaust
Did the Riley Mod on the Exhaust. Gave it a nice deep tone without being obnoxious.

VTX1800 sounds with pair valve removed
hardkrome3inch longs

How To: Honda VTX 1300 Carburetor Cleaning Part 1
How To: Honda VTX 1300 carburetor cleaning. This VTX had starting and idle issues,Typical symptoms of a dirty and clogged carburetor. This customer's Honda would not stay running unless the choke was set between half to full choke. Cleaned jets and adjust air screw. Runs like new.