2002 VTX1800r w/ Jardines, Hypercharger, pair valve mod, and Cali smog removal.

My 2002 VTX 1800R w/ Jardine Long straights. There are no baffles in the pipes. I've done the Pair valve/desmog mod., It has a pcIII, and has the CA emissions removed. Also installed is the Kuryakyn HyperCharger Pro.Nice and loud.

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My 2002 Honda VTX1800R Dyno Test
This is my VTX being ran at a Bike Night after being professionally tuned. Bolt on upgrades include Barons Big Air Kit, V&H Big Shots w/ Big City Thunder Monster Baffles, DJ PC 3 USB w/ custom map and block off valve plate.

VTX1300 Pair Valve Mod
This is a video of the Pair Valve mod for the VTX1300. This is also the same process for the 1800 with some slight mods to this process. For more information and great how to videos go to www.goheencycles.com

VTX 1800 Pair-valve Exhaust Comparison
Blocking off the pair-valve intake port to show the difference in Exhaust tones.

2003 VTX1800C with Riley Mod Exhaust
Did the Riley Mod on the Exhaust. Gave it a nice deep tone without being obnoxious.