Autocross racing at 2009 Corsa Corvair club convention in Jacksonville Fla.

Damn... that yellow car is FAST!

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Fast Corvairs Drag Racing 1/8 Mile
From the 2013 Corvair Olympics . My car is a 3.1 liter with Weber carbs . The red car has an ex NASCAR small block in the back seat . The black car is Billy Bruce's drag car that runs high 11s or low 12s in the Qtr. I broke a U-joint on the first run but my LeVair upper link kit kept it together for several runs . I was running low/mid 9s at about 75.

Corvair Built For Racing...
Missed a gr8 action vid, shame...

A compilation of mostly Corvair Yenko stingers on the track

Autocross Racing for The First Time - 2013 Mustang GT
My neighbor is the instructor in the passenger seat. Best time was 93.422 which made me the winner of the novice class. I beat an SS Camaro who was in Class Z (for larger engines) by .497 and was only 3 seconds behind a ZL1 Camaro.