Hey Porsche By Nelly (NEW) Lyrics

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music used: Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind I do NOT own anything! The music DOESN'T belong to me! I'm just a huge fan of Sean Paul's music! :) *sorry if I got any of the lyrics wrong, I tried my best* the lyrics came form a site that had the lyrics the second day the song was out.

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Hi guys! This is my first ever lyric video. I know the lyrics may not be right but I'll leave corrections here when I get the official lyrics! Please enjoy and share it around :)

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New song leaked by Ke$ha Sebert on 15th of November. RCA Records & Kemosabe Records 2012. All rights for Kesha Sebert.

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This is the first lyrics video I ever created. Hope you'll enjoy it! :) Check out other lyrics videos I made on my channel. I promise you won't be disappointed ;) Just created a new lyrics video for The Croods OST - Shine Your Way by Owl City & Yuna :) See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy_DmNKgGjw