Ford Taunus 17M TS first start couldn't find a more deserving owner for this Witch Creek Fire survivor, so I swooped in a grabbed this 1962 or 1963 Ford Taunus and am preparing it for one final shot at glory as a 24 hours of Lemons racecar. Here is the first start up after cleaning carb, points, and getting fresh gas in the float bowl.

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Auto & persoona - Jope Ruonansuu (Teknari 12/2012)
TEKNARI - Jopen autoa hiplataan enemmän kuin ajetaan. LUE KOKO JUTTU: Lataa Teknari tabletille: App Stores, Google Play ja Windows Market // Teknari is available for tablets in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Ford taunus 17m p3 testrun
driving my 1964 taunus17m p3 around the block...

FORD TAUNUS 1600 GXL (parte1) - recupero -
Recupero di una Ford Taunus 1600 GXL. Da lamiere arruginite a (foooorse) cromature brillanti...

Nov 2014 Cold Start 1962 Ford F250
Cold start after sitting for about 3 months