RS4 Supercharged Dyno

RS4 Supercharged Dyno

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Futrell Autowerks: APR Supercharged RS4 Before/After Dyno Testing
The Futrell Autowerks Team delivers you the before/after Dyno results from our installation and Dyno testing of our 2007 Audi RS4 both before Supercharger install and after. Baseline Dyno Information: Filled w/Oregon 92 Octane Fuel APR Stage 1 Tuning 91 Octane Mapping Full Milltek Exhaust 31K Miles, Never had a carbon clean on intake valves Power produced at wheels 306 WHP 260 ft.lbs of wheel torque Supercharged Dyno Information: Filled w/Oregon 92 Octane Fuel APR Stage 3 Supercharger Kit W/91 Octane Tuning Full Milltek Exhaust 31K Miles, Intake Valves cleaned of carbon build-up during Supercharger installation Power produced at wheels 450 WHP 395 ft.lbs of wheel torque Dyno correction is set at zero, smoothing at 5, ambient temperature high 60's/low 70s (Fahrenheit) Power measured at all four wheels on a Dynojet 248X - Not owned or operated by Futrell Autowerks or APR. Are you interested in supercharging your RS4 or 4.2L FSI RS5 or S5? Please contact us for a comprehensive quote, logistical services available we have over ten years of experience working directly with APR to deliver the ultimate in reliable, drivable performance upgrades for your Audi or Volkswagen.

Audi RS4 Avant Grupa Krotoski Cichy
Film reklamowy Grupy Krotoski Cichy Salon Audi Nadarzyn realizacja: ProProdukcja

VF Engineering Supercharged RS4
Supercharged Audi RS4 by VF-Engineering driven at Spring Mountain Racepark Jul 2010.

Audi RS4 Dyno - Carbon Removal- Autoscope Foreign Car Repair Dallas
Audi RS4 with carbon build up on the valves. Autoscope removed the intake manifold and cleaned the carbon build up to allow the car to run as intended. Dyno runs were made before and after the cleaning to test the effects of the build up, and to test the results of the cleaning. An additional 27hp and 15ft-lbs is very significant!! Autoscope: Foreign Car Care. Personalized. Located in Dallas and Plano, TX Autoscope has been serving Dallas for 30 years! This was filmed on our Mustang Dyno in Dallas. What sets AUTOSCOPE apart from other service in Dallas and Plano: -When you call, you get a real person who can answer your questions. No long waits or multiple transfers to get the info you're looking for. -We will advise you on the importance of repairs based on your needs and driving style -We use our extensive knowledge of your vehicle and previous repairs to work efficiently and effectively which saves you money and time. -We have the factory testing tools and equipment to work on your vehicle. Over 34 Years of Experience with Audi Models Factory Testing Tools Certified Mechanics Hand wash and vacuum your car after service. Free shuttle service from your home or office. Our service advisors have all worked on cars. Park Cities 6134 Denton Dr Dallas, TX 75235 214-238-9447 Plano 601 Coit Rd Plano, TX 75075 972-696-7214 White Rock 9796 Ferguson Rd Dallas, TX 75228 214-238-9448 Facebook: Twitter: Google Local