Porsche 964 3,8 Turbo - cold start

3,8 turbo, 400 PS, 900 kg

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1993 Porsche Type 964 3.8 Carrera RSR "One of 51 Factory Built Race Cars"
http://www.93porschersr.com Hoekstra LTD is proud to present this pristine, unmolested example of the now iconic Porsche Type 964 3.8 Carrera RSR for your consideration. A prominent local business man was looking for car that he could run at PCA and private events, and possibly work towards a pro license. After considering a Carrera Cup Car, he was able to speak with Jurgen Barth, who drove a 3.8 RSR to a class victory at Le Mans. Barth was quick to point out the RSR was special and very different than the 3.6 liter Cup cars, not just the power of the newly designed 3.8 but also touting the suspension, "completely done in unibal (heim) joints and this makes the car a real race car, whereas the Cup cars are still production-based".(link to article) It was then decided that it would be worth the trouble (and money) to secure an RSR. With the decision made, car 496101 was ordered Le Mans spec with every factory option: Air-Jack system, center-lock wheels, additional brake cooling, a quick fueling 120 liter fuel cell, two induction intakes, two sets of factory wheels, and a host of other accessories. When this specially built RSR was ultimately delivered through Champion MotorSports, Car and Driver caught wind of its arrival U.S. and convinced its new owner to allow a test session with the rare car so as to place it in their magazine as a feature article. As such, it is the only 964 RSR ever tested and featured in a major automotive publication. After the Car and Driver Test Session, this car began its pampered life of private track time and participation in 6 PCA events over a 17 month period all the while being prepared, monitored and maintained by Brumos Racing. (Link to Brumos Bills). In 1998, Ownership of this car quietly changed hands form the original owner to a private collector, enthusiast and friend. After achieving his Pro license and certification, the second owner qualified the car to participate in the Speedvision World Challenge race at Scott Brayton Memorial Street Circuit in Grand Rapids, MI. Recognizing the historical significance of the 3.8 RSR, the car remained in his private collection used only at private track events until 2004 when the car was invited to participate at the RennSport Reunion in Daytona where it was very well received. Used only 8,683 kilometers since delivery and a recent freshening to bring the car back to its original " Car and Driver" look, this 3.8 Carrera RSR remains in highly original, unmolested, factory concours condition. The car retains its original motor (Rebuilt by Brumos), both original factory gear boxes, original sheet-metal, original factory interior and gauges, 2 sets of original factory Speedline wheels, original RSR specific brake calipers, original factory components, factory spares etc. Mechanically the car is set up, turn-key and ready for track use. The documentation of this car is exceptional, including: All correspondence between original owner and Jurgan Barth of Porsche Customer Racing division, all factory invoices for car and spares, a first bound copy of the April 1994 Car and Driver issue where this car was featured and the correspondence involved for Car and Driver to obtain this car for testing, all importation records, all service receipts, a transcript of the Jurgen Barth interview featured in Panorama, original sales literature, log book, and many other letters and correspondences leaving no holes in the history of this 3.8 RSR. The Porsche 964 3.8 Carrera RSR has taken its place in motorsports history and will always be revered as one of the most successful, most reliable street based GT coupes ever produced. With only 51 examples produced and only 11 imported to North America, these cars are very few and far between; original, unmolested examples such as this one are nearly unobtainable. It is estimated that there are only four unmolested type 964 RSR's left in existence. With values of the factory RSR's of 1973 and 74 approaching a million plus dollars and a 20 year absence from Porsches program, 1993 factory 3.8 Carrera RSR's are sure to follow. This, the last type 964 RSR built and the feature RSR of Car and Driver Magazine, is a must for any serious Porsche Collector and Porsche Motorsports enthusiast. www.93porschersr.com Offered at $325,000

Porsche 964 Turbo Leistungsprüfstand

Porsche 964 Carrera 4 3.8L Twin Turbo S 650 HP Intercooled
1989 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 / 3.8L Bi turbo S Phoenix, Arizona December 17, 2009 : 50F Outside Temp. Cold engine start demo : This vehicle and engine was recently rebuilt and tuned here at turboKraft, Inc. The engine, an intercooled 3.8L Twin turbo with stand alone engine management system is built to reliably output 650 HP. Fully sequential ignition with integrated Boost mapping for 91 or 104+ Octane fuel. The chassis and body work is also new and freshly repainted. Suspension features a Bilstein PSS 10 system with MODE billet monoball mounts. Very comfortable but precise handling. The wheels are the lightweight FIKSE FM5 with new tires. Brakes are upgraded Porsche 993 Twin turbo with the Big Red calipers. Please feel free to contact turboKraft, Inc. directly if you have questions or comments. - www.turbokraft.com - info@turbokraft.com

1991 Porsche 964 Turbo Drive Off
The Porsche 964 is the company's internal name for the version of the Porsche 911 model manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. It featured significant mechanical and styling revisions over previous versions of the 911, most prominently the more integrated bumpers, although it was still obviously a 911. The 3.3 liter engine of the turbo model was carried over from the previous generation 930, however the 964 turbo benefited from coil-over suspension, anti-lock brakes, power steering and improved HVAC. Thirty-six hundred and sixty 964 turbos were produced. Specs: 1991 Porsche 964 turbo Slate Gray 400 hp Turn up your audio to hear the engine purr-r-r-r. Videography by Multi Media Strategies, Ltd http://multimediastrategies.com