Drag Racing 2-20-2011

Big money shootout at San Antonio Raceway in Texas. The new camcorder takes much better video than my old digital camera...sorry about the wind noise though. Cars were running 1/8th mile.

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PrimeTime (Top Dragster) vs KillinTime (AL-Anabi)
The Best Grudge Race Ever

MLK Grudge Gone Wild Feb. 19 2011
MLK Grudge Gone Wild Feb. 19 2011 Highlights from the DVD available at www.Nitroartvideo.com

Edgewater Sports Park
Outlaw cars

Prostock Presents - Bynes vs Jack Flash
The Jack Flash Racing team from the great state of Florida went into action against the reigning Grudge Racer of the year, Mr. Primetime himself Tony Bynes. Check out the hellaish Smack Talk, that alone was worth the price of admission. Prostock Presents was on hand to bring you all the sights and sounds...enjoy!